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Were the first people to live in America. NATIVE AMERICANS/INDIANS
Some of the first explorers from Europe to come to America were __________. VIKINGS AND CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS
__________ came to America from Europe hoping they would find gold. EXPLORERS
Explorers came to America from Europe hoping they would find ______. GOLD
A _______ is a place that is ruled by another country. COLONY
The people from Europe who came to live in colonies like St. Augustine, Jamestown, and Plymouth, were called _____________. COLONISTS
The Native Americans called _______________ lived near St. Augustine. TIMUCUA
When the colonists at Jamestown had trouble finding food, the _______________ helped them. POWHATTAN
________________ means to be set free from other people or places. INDEPENDENCE
On July 4, 1776, American leaders signed the ___________________. DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE
The first President of the United States was _______________________. GEORGE WASHINGTON
______________________ is when one person owns another. SLAVERY
____________________ helped slaves escape from slavery. HARRIET TUBMAN
President ______________________ helped to end slavery. ABRAHAM LINCOLN
Some people moved west because it was getting too crowded. These people were called _______________. PIONEERS
Columbus sailed to North America from Spain in 1482 with 3 ships - ________, ________, and the ________. NINA, PINTA, SANTA MARIA
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