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English I - Lit.

"Night" Vocabulary

deportation removal of an alien from a country
ghetto a quarter of a city where a minority group is forced to live
Talmud authoritative body of Jewish tradition
beadle a minor parish official
Boche slang term for a German
optimistic looking at something for the best possible outcome
melancholy severe depression; great sadness
truncheon a policeman's billy club
lorry an open truck or wagon without sides
remorse a sense of guilt or distress for past wrongs
Kommando the personnel, area, or unit under a commander; a command
anguish to suffer intense pain or sorrow
defiance an act of challenge to an authority
submission an act of yielding or giving in to an authority
credible reasonable grounds for being believed
writhed twisted and turned
delude to mislead the mind or judgment
annihilate to destroy completely
infirmary place where the sick are lodged for treatment
emaciated very thin and feeble; starved appearance