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middle ages


capital of the Byzantine Empire,called the "New Rome" today the city of Istanbul Constantinople
holy image of christ,the virgin mary,or a saint venerated in the eastern orthodoy church Icon holy image of christ,the virgin mary,or a saint venerated in the eastern orthodoy church
Byzantine emperor from 527 to 565 who was noted for a code of laws and many beautiful buildings Justinian
in the Byzantine emmpire, highest church officecial in a major city patriarch
permanent division in a church schism
wife of justinian and championn of the rights of women theodora
young person learning a trade from a master apprentice
a contagious disease that decasted the world in the 1300's bubonic plague
body of laws of a church canon law
money or wealth capital
founder of an empire reaching across france,germany,and part of italyaround 800 AD charlemagne
in the middle ages a written doc that set out the rights and privileges of a town charter
code of conduct for knights during the middle ages chivalry
serious of religious war fought between christians are muslims from the late 1000's to the mid 100's crusades
out break of a rapidly spreading disease epidemic
exclusion from the roman catholic church as a penatly for refusing to obey church laws excommunication
in the middle ages,association of merchants or artisians who cooperated to protect their ecomic interests guild
in the roman catholic church,excommunication of an entire region,town,or kingdom interdict
noble in europe who served as a mounted warrior for a lord in the middle ages knight
an economic system structured a lords mororor estate manorialism
person deoicated to spreading a religion missionary
in medieval europe,peasant bound to the lords land serf
payment to a church equal to one tanth of a persons income tithe
in medieval europe, a lord who was granted land in exchange for service and loyalty to a greater lord vassal
ruler who has complete authority autocrat
alphabet that become the written script of russia cyrillic
scandinavian seafearing conquerors of russia traded on russian rivers vikings
title of the ruler of the russian empire czar
system of law that is the some for all people, based on court desicions they have become accepted legal principles common law
a charter signed by the english king john in 1215 that placed limits on the kings power magna carta
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