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Chapter 4 Ireland

Early christian Ireland

what does pagan mean someone who worships various Gods, often with a focus on nature or the earth
who was a druid a spiritual figure similar to a priest in pre-Christian Celtic Ireland
what was a monastary a closed religious community living by the rules of an order
who was a monk a man dedicated to a religious order and to life in a monastery
what was a beehive hut an early christian stone hut, shaped like a beehive, where monks slept
what was an oratory where monks attended mass or prayed
what was a scriptorium a room where manuscripts were copied by hand and illustrated
what was a manuscript a book written by hand, often in Latin, on sheepskin parchment or vellum(calfskin)
what was a refectory the hall where the monks ate their meals
what was a round tower a bell tower and safe place for people (and treasures) if the monastery came under attack
what was a high cross a free standing stone cross, usually with elaborate carvings showing biblical scenes
what was a longship a viking boat, capable of crossing stormy seas but still shallow enough to sail up rivers
what was a longphort a Viking camp by the water, used as a base for raids
who was the most famous bishop to travel to Ireland St Patrick
when st patrick was a slave brought to Ireland what age was he 16 years old
when was the first monastery created around AD500
what was the name of the first monastery Inis Mór
name some or all monastery's in Ireland sceilg mhicíl, inis mór, clonmacnoise, clonfert, ardmore, kildare, glendalough, tallaght, clonard, kells, monasterboice, derry
name some buildings/things in a monastary Refectory, Round tower, Graveyard, Oratory, Scriptorium, Guesthouses, Wall, Fields
name some manuscripts Cthach of St Columba(the oldest manuscript), Book of Durrow, Book of Kells(the most famous manuscript)
name some metalwork from early christian Ireland Ardagh Chalice, Derrynaflan Chalice, Bell of St Patrick and its Shrine, Cross of Cong
name two stone crosses Cross of the Scriptures, Muiredach's Cross
what is the time when Irish monks went abroad to convert Europe to Christianity called the golden era of monastery
name some monastery's abroad Milan, Vienna, paris, salzburg
what monastery's did St Columbanus make abroad luxeuil, Bobbio,
what county's were originally longphorts Wexford, Waterford, Limerick, Dublin
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