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History 6.2

The Earth is Developed by Man

alloy a melting of two or more metals to create a new metal
arable capable of being plowed or cultivated
corporation a group of people united to do business together
dredge to scoop up and remove deposits that form in the bottom of a channel
ductile the ability for a metal to be drawn out into fine strands
effluent a mixture of liquid and solid sewage water
fault cracks or breaks in a body of rock with dislocation of the plane
interdependent two or more things that depend on each other
irrigate to supply water to land by artificial means
malleable the ability of a metal to be hammered into thin sheets
outflow that which flows from a river into an ocean, lake, or ither body of water
pitch a heavy thick oil used to seal the hulls of wooden ships
refine to free from impurities and bringinto a fine state
sediment rock formed by the deposit of matter
slag waste matter that is left after ore has been srparated from it
sludge a deposit of thick waste slime that settles on river and lake bottoms
smelt to melt or fuse ore so that the metal contained in it can be separated
urban pertaining to city dwelling
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