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AK-CH6 Rev War

heritage culture, tradition, property, or history that is or may be passed down
slavery a system where humans are owned by other people and stripped of their rights
loyalist someone who supported Britain during the Revolutionary War
peninsula landmass that is surrounded by water on most sides
siege a battle where one side holds a place that can be defended while the other side traps them inside
bay a body of water that is surrounded by land on three sides
ambassador someone who represents their nation in a foreign country
peace when there is no war or fighting
treaty a formal agreement to end a war
valuable something that is very important and worth a lot
route a way of travel to a destination a way or course taken to get from a starting point to a destination
barriers things that blocks movement from one place to another
Was King George a tyrant or a good leader? Most believed that he was a tyrant, but some supported him and said he could be meaner.
How did the Americans use geography to help them win the Battle of Yorktown? George Washington's men marched to Yorktown by land, pushing in on the British. The French sailed to Yorktown by sea, trapping the British. The French and Americans had the British surrounded by land and sea.
What did the British agree to during their treaty with the Americans? American fisherman could take their boats to Canadian waters. Agreed to recognize the 13 Colonies as the United States of America. They gave most land east of the Mississippi River to the US. Both Americans and British could travel the Mississippi.
Phillis Wheatley wasn't a _______, but she was a famous ________ during the Revolution. soldier poet
What events happened at the siege of Yorktown? The French blocked supply lines by sea. Sir Henry Clinton ordered Cornwallis to Yorktown.
Describe the Second Battle of Ushant? Thirteen British ships, led by Richard Kempenfelt, captured French boats. A French fleet of 19 ships was unable to protect the supply boats due to a storm.
After the Battle of _________, the British had more _________ in the South. Saratoga success
What three men were present at the signing of the Treaty of Paris? David Hartley John Jay Benjamin Franklin
Why is Oliver Cromwell famous? He crossed the Delaware with George Washington. He lived to be 100 years old. He shared his stories of combat in war.
Describe the Siege of Yorktown the British surrendered
Created by: nkittie
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