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AP Govt CPHS Chap 13

AP Govt. CPHS Chap. 13

Electorate Citizens eligible to vote.
Mandate A command, indicated by an electorate's votes, for the elected officials to carry out their platforms.
Retrospective Judgment A voters evaluation of the performance of the party in power.
Prospective Judgment A voter's evaluation of a candidate based on what he or she pledges to do about an issue if elected.
Primary Election Election in which voters decide which of the candidates within a party will represent the party in the general election.
Closed Primary A primary election in which only a party's registered voters are eligible to vote.
Open Primary A primary in which party members, independents, and sometimes members of the other party are allowed to vote.
Raiding An organized attempt by voters of one party to influence the primary results of the other party.
Runoff Primary A second primary election between the two candidates receiving the greatest number of votes in the first primary.
Nonpartisan Primary A primary used to select candidates regardless of party affiliation.
General Election Electino in which voters decide which candidates will actually fill elective public offices.
Initiative An election that allows citizens to propose legislation and submit it to the state electorate for popular vote.
Referendum An election whereby the state legislature submits proposed legislation to the state's voters for approval.
Regional Primary A proposed system in which the country would be divided into five or six geographic areas and all states in each region would hold their presidential primary elections on the same day.
Front-Loading The tendency of states to choose an early date on the primary calendar.
Unit Rule A traditional party practice under whcih the majority of a state delegation can force the minority to vote for its candidate.
Superdelegate Delegate slot to the Democratic Party's national convention that is reserved for an elected party official.
Electoral College Representatives of each state who cast the final ballots that actually elect a president.
Elector Member of the Electoral College chosen by methods determined in each state.
Party Realignment A shifting of party coalition groupings in the electorate that remains in place for several elections.
Critical Election An election that signals a party realignment through voter polarization around new issues.
Secular Realignment The gradual rearrangement of party coalitions, based more on demographic shifts than on s hocks to the political system.
Gerrymandering The legiaslative process through which the majority party in each statehouse tries to assure that the maximum number of representatives from its political party can be elcted to Congress through the redrawing of legislative districts.
Midterm Election Election that takes place in the middle of a presidential term.
Turnout The proportion of the voting-age public that votes.
Ticket-splitting Voting for candidates of different parties for various offices in the same elction.
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