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Ch 6 PA History WES

Ch 6 PA Wellsville

What is our country's plan of government? constitution
Representatives sent to the convention delegates
Name the Virginia delegate who took notes of what was said at the Constitutional Convention James Madison
Washington stayed with this PA delegate Robert Morris
Who was the wife of one of the delegates arranged parties but did not attend the convention Eliza Powell
_________________ is the way to move goods and people from one place to another transportation
A boat with a large paddle wheel that is powered by steam steamboat
An inland waterway built for transportation canal
The first major road in the US was the ___________ ________________ Lancaster Turnpike
A canal that shipped goods cheaper and faster than overland was the _______ ________ __________ _______ PA Main Line Canal
______________ ______________ built a steamboat named the New Orleans Robert Fulton
all the businesses that make one kind of goods Industry
Soft coal found in western PA bituminous
Hard coal found in eastern PA anthracite
The place where oil was discovered in PA Titusville
The person who found oil in PA Edwin Drake
Crops grown and sold for money cash crop
A method of farming in which a different crop is planted in the same soil each year crop rotation
A person or machine that cuts and gathers grain reaper
The number of people who live in a place or area population
The man who invented the mechanical reaper Cyrus McCormick
Diagrams that show a lot of information and or compare facts and figures. graphs
A graph made out of a circle circle or pie graph
A graph that show how a piece of information changes over time. line graph
In 1790, our country's capital was moved to ______________ Philadelphia
In 1800, the US built a new capital along the Potomac River in _____________________ Washington, DC
Boats not powered by steam or said, but pulled by mules or oxen were ___________ ____________ canal boats
The first steam train to run on rails in our country in 1829 was called the ___________ ________________ Stourbridge Lion
Money paid to use the turnpike (we do this when we go see Uncle John) toll
Yarn and thread making machines increased production in the ____________ industry textile
A quickly growing town boom town
_________ ___________ learned how to make oil usable in lamps Samuel Kier
Many immigrants from ___________ and __________ increased PA population in the early 1800s Germany and Ireland
Soft coal can be heated to make a solid fuel called ____________ coke
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