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AP Govt CPHS Chap 12

AP Govt. CPHS Chap. 12

Political Party A group of office holders, candidates, activists, and voters who identify with a group label and seek to elect to public office individuals who run under that label.
Governmental Party The office holders and candidates who run under a political party's banner.
Organizational Party The workers and activists who staff the party's formal organization.
Party in the Electorate The voters who consider themselves allied or associated with the party.
Machine A party organization that regruits its members with tangible incentives and is characterized by a high degree of control over member activity.
Direct Primary The selection of party candidates through the ballots of qualified voters rather than at party nomination conventions.
Civil Service Laws These acts removed the staffing of the bureaucracy from political parties and created a professional bureaucracy filled through competition.
Issue-Oriented Politics Politics that focuses on specific issues rather than on party, candidate, or other loyalties.
Ticket-Split To vote for candidates of different parties for various offices in the same election.
Coalition A group of interests or organizations that join forces for the purpose of electing public officials.
National Party Platform A statement of the general and specific philosophy and policy goals of a political party, usually promulgated at the national convention.
National Convention A party conclave (meeting) held in the presidential election year for the purposes of nominating a presidential and vice presidential ticket and adopting a platform.
Think Tank Institutional collection of policy-oriented researchers and academics who are sources of policy ideas.
Party Identification A citizen's personal affinity for a political party, usually expressed by his or her tendency to vote for the candidates of that party.
Third-Partyism The tendency of third parties to arise with some refularity in a nominally two-;arty system.
Proportional Representation A voting system that apportions legislative seats according to the percentage of the vote won by a particular political party.
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