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History 6.1

The Earth is Man's Home

antediluvian times, people, or events that were before the Flood
cuneiform a form of writing using wedge-shaped characters
deluge a great flood
Fertile Crescent an arc-shaped area in the Middle East that lays between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers and was rich in agriculture in early times
fissure a crack or opening that runs across the surface of the earth
fossil the remains or imprint of plants, animals, and man that are preserced in the rocks of the earth
hieroglyghic a system of writing developed by the ancient Egyptians using pictures and symbols
inundate to submerge or cover with flood waters
linguistic pertaining to different languages
petrify the process that turns soft material into a stony substance
radiation to send forth as rays, as of light or heat
silt fine particles of soil and rock carried by water and deposited in a low place
strata natural or deposited layers of material, one upon the other
tundra treeless plains found in arctic lands
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