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AP Govt CPHS Chap 11

AP Govt. CPHS Chap. 11

Public Opinion What the public thinks about a particular issue or set of issues at any point in time.
Public Opinion Polls Interviews or surveys with samples of citizens that are used to estimate the feelings and beliefs of the entire population.
Straw Polls Unscientific surveys used to gauge public opinion on a variety of issues and policies.
Political Socialization The process through which an individual acquires particular political orientations; the learning process by which people acquire their political beliefs and values.
Political Ideology The coherent set of values and beliefs about the purpose and scope of government held by groups and individuals.
Random Sampling A method of poll selection that gives each person in a group the same chance of being selected.
Stratified Sampling A variation of random sapling; census data are used to divide the country into four sampling regions. Sets of couties and standard metropolitan statistical areas are then randomly selected in proportion to the total national population.
Push Polls Polls taken for the p urpose of providing information on an opponent that would lead respondents to vote against that candidate.
Tracking Polls Continuous serveys that enable a campagin to chart its daily rise or fall in support.
Exit Polls Polls conducted at selected polling places on Election Day.
Sampling Error or Margin of Error A measure of the accuracy of a public opinion poll.
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