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government study

Bicameral Legislature Consisting of two houses
Apportioned To be distributed, as in the seats in the House of Representatives
Gerrymandering Process of drawing congressional district lines to favor a particular political party
Immunity Legal protection
Expulsion Removal of a person from an institution, such as Congress, for serious misconduct
Censure Formal disapproval of the actions of a member of Congress by the other members
Session Meetings of Congress
Caucuses Meetings of party leaders to determine party policy or to choose the party's candidates for public office
President Pro Tempore The official who presides over Senate in the vice presidents absents
Speaker of the House The presiding officer of the House of Representatives
Whip Party leader who is the liaison between the leadership and the legislature
Delighted Powers Powers given to the federal government by the Constitution
Implied Powers Powers not specifically granted to Congress by the Constitution that suggested to be necessary to carry out the powers delighted to Congress under the Constitution
Expressed Powers Powers specifically granted to the government mostly found in Article I, section 8 of the Constitution within 18 clauses
Elastic Clause Found in Article 1, section 8; known as "necessary and proper clause" allows Congress to extend its delegated powers
Impeach To charge a government official with misconduct/ crime
Bill Proposed law being considered by law making body
Appropriations Bill A bill approving the spending of extra public money
Filibuster A method of delaying action on a bill in the Senate by making long speeches
Veto Refusal by a president or governor to sign a bill
Pocket Veto A means by which the president can reject a bill, when Congress is not in session by not signing it
Unicameral Law making body consisting of 1 house
Constituents People represented by members of a lawmaking body
Initiatives Process by which citizens of a state may propose a law by collecting signatures on a petition
Referendum Method of referring a bill to the voters for approval before the bill can become a law
Recall Process by which voters may remove an elected official from office
General Assembly Common name for law making bodies within each state; similar to Congress
Charter Basic plan of government granted by state legislatures to local governments
Ordinances Regulations that govern a local governmental unit
Township Unit of local government that maintains local roads and rural schools within counties
Commission Local government body that has both legislative and executive powers
Mayor-Council Plan Most frequent government system adopted in large cities; policy- making and administrative powers are vested in a usually elective mayor and council
Grant-In-Aid Federal funds given to state and local governments for specific projects
Block Grants Federal funds given to state and local governments for broad purposes
Created by: katie theiss
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