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Jude 7th - Ch.11

Chapter 11: Political Developments in the Early Republic

Thomas Jefferson first Secretary of State
Henry Knox first Secretary of War
Alexander Hamilton first Secretary of Treasury
Department of State department set up to handle relations with foreign countries
Department of War department established to defend the country
Department of Treasury department set up to oversee the nation's finances
Whiskey Rebellion a revolt by farmers in 1794 against the whiskey tax
Washington's Farewell Address warned nation of the two greatest threats to the nation - foreign powers and political parties
Leader of the Federalist Party Alexander Hamilton
Leader of the Republican Party Thomas Jefferson
loose construction broad interpretation of the Constitution
strict construction narrow interpretation of the Constitution
sedition crime of encouraging rebellion against the government
Sedition Act used to punish Republican newspaper editors who insulted President Adams in print
Virginia & Kentucky two states who adopted the resolutions drafted by Jefferson and Madison to oppose the Alien and Sedition Acts
Alien and Sedition Acts acts that claimed they were needed for protection against foreigners who might threaten the nation, but in reality the purpose of the acts was to make life difficult for the Republicans
States' Doctrine theory that rights not specifically given to the federal government by the Constitution remain with the states
Washington D.C. new location of the capital
House of Representatives casts the tie breaker in the case of an electoral college tie
no money biggest problem facing the young United States
2 terms how many terms Washington served as president
national bank solution to paying off America's war debt as soon as possible, proposed by Alexander Hamilton
12th Amendment amendment that states each elector must cast distinct votes for president and vice president; passed after presidential tie of 1800
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