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World War II

CHC2D WWII Unit Exam Review (Group 3)

Juno Beach *June 6th 1944 D-Day *14 000 Canadians were assigned to a Normandy beach * faced strong German forces (bunkers, landmines, machine gun fire) *Canadians took pride at their success, began liberation of France (Colyer, 2010, p. 223-240)
blitzkrieg *German strategy, "lightning war" involves blasting through a short section of the battlefront to advance *strong air support, disrupt supply lines *Traditionally defense tactics were now ineffective (Colyer, 2010, pg. 230)
propaganda *systematic effort to shape beliefs and achieve specific goals on public opinion *communicated through posters, radio. short films * convince that war was necessary * appeal to emotions * persuasion over truth (Colyer, 2010, pg. 252, 254)
appeasement *A policy to stop aggressive behavior by giving what is wanted *World leaders knew about the atrocities of Adolf Hitler, but were afraid that intervention would start a war, that he would stop once he got what he wanted (Colyer, 2010, pg. 212)
Hiroshima *Although Germany surrendered, Japan continued to fight in Southeast Asia *President Truman decided to use newly developed nuclear bomb on this Japanese city. *After another attack, on Nagasaki, World War II came to an end. (Colyer, 2010, pg. 243)
VE Day *Victory in Europe Day *Germany surrendered unconditionally on May 7th 1945 *The war in Europe was over (Colyer, 2010, pg. 226, 242)
conscription *Forced military service * Prime Minster King initially rejected (would divide the country) * However, October 1944 King finally order conscripts overseas (due to heavy losses in Normandy) * Riots occurred in Quebec (Colyer, 2010, pg. 255-256)
fascist *form of totalitarianism that emphasizes national and racial superiority *Nazi party rose to power due to economic and political troubles In Germany (Treaty of Versailles, Great Depression) *Italy and German were fascist (Colyer, 2010, pg. 210-11)
Pearl Harbor *United States remained neutral for early WWII. * December 7th 1941, Japan launched attack on American Naval base in Hawaii. * United States then joined the Allies (Colyer, 2010, pg. 234)
anti-Semitism *Prejudice against people of the Jewish faith *Hitler made a particular target, laws to resist them, many sent to concentration camps * Hitler and Mussolini formed the Rome-Berlin Alliance and anti-Semitic laws to Italy (Colyer, 2010, p. 212-14)
Created by: Mr. Ellis
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