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S.S midterm review

acropolis fortified hilltop and meeting place of male citizen's of ancient greece
caste system social system originated by the aryans who settled in india
what are the indian caste systems in order from higest rank to lowest is priest warriors peasnats and non aryan laborers
cuneiform early system of writing with wedge shapes pressed into clay used by the ancient summerians
code of hammurabi law code developed under the babylonians:" an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth"
domestication taming of animals for human use
fertile crescent crescent moon shaped rich soil region of Mesopotamia located betwen the tigris and euphrates rivers; modern day iraq
feudalism politicla system in which nobles or lords are granted land from the king in exchange for loyalty and military service
hellenistic blending of eastern and western cultures as a result of alexander the great's conquest
hieroglyphics system of writing of ancient egyptians used pictures
mandate of heaven the divine right to rule wiht the possibilty of losting that right due to poor conditions part of the dynastic cycle of chinese history
middle kingdom china's isolating geography created an ethocentric homogeneous society known as the middle kingdom or the center of the universe
monotheistic belief in one god
neolithic new stone age of 10,000 bce chracterized by the domestication of animals and farming settlements
paleolithic old stone age (3 million bce) characterized by nomadic wandering hunting and gathering
patricians aristocratic landowners of the early Roman republic
plebeians commons of the early Roman republic made up of farmers and artisans
polis city-state
polytheistic belief in many gods
reincarnaton belief that the soul is reborn again and again until reaching perfection belief in huinduism and buddhism
torah sacred scriptures of judaism
vedas collection of sacred writings of the aryans from when they first settled along the indus river
Ziggurat sumerian tiered pyramid used as a temple
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