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Amorites establish ----------------- as their capital city around 2,000 BCE Babylon
was their most powerful and influential king. Hammurabi
Babylon society was very complex, so a legal system called ---------------------- was created to settle every dispute. Hammurabi’s Code
specific laws 282
Established that people would be held ----------- for actions responsible
Established that government had a responsibility for what happened in society society
--------- were one of the most powerful traders along the Mediterranean Sea around 1100 BCE. Phoenicians
Around 900 BCE, Phoenicians developed a 22 symbol ---------(eventually used by Greeks, Romans, and us today!) alphabet
-------- were one of the smallest groups that lived in the ancient Fertile Crescent Jews
Ideas based on legal code received from Moses to God called the ------ -------------------------------- Ten Commandments.
Lived in ancient ---------- and traded regularly with the Phoenicians Israel
First group to be --------------- (belief in one god) monotheistic
The shift to the ------------- happened around 1000 BCE and allowed groups like the Hittites to dominated Asia Minor. Iron Age
Iron is --------- than bronze (an iron sword destroys a bronze shield), and is --------- to find. harder , easier
---------- Empire conquered most of Mesopotamia around 700 BCE due to adoption of ----- weapons Assyrian , Iron
Known for being the most disciplined and effective army to date; ruled out of fear
Very --------- government established around 550 BCE by Persian King --------- tolerant , Cyrus
Conquered all of Fertile Crescent and most of ------- ------------- Asia Minor
Left local customs ------ when a city was conquered (no looting, no destruction of temples or buildings) alone
Connected and --------- the people united
"------------------- " connected the land Royal Road
Eventually replaced by--------- around 522 BCE who ruled with ------------- power Darius , absolute
Standard coinage allowed all Persians to conduct -------- business
Launched the Persian Wars against the ------ around 490 BCE. Greeks
What is Ancient Mesopotamia sometimes called? Fertile Crescent
What was the first known piece of literature? Epic of Gilgamesh
The Jews were one of the smallest groups that lived in the Fertile Crescent. They believed in only one god, which is ? Monotheism
What legal system was used in Babylonian society to settle disputes? Code of Hammurabi
What. form of government was first used by the Sumerians? A monarchy with a king who ruled a city-state.
Which two rivers run on either side of Mesopotamia? Tigris and Euphrates
The first system of writing was wedge-shaped symbols known as the _______. This system of writing was mostly used for record keeping. cuneiform
Existed around ---- BCE was home to many different civilizations 3000
Also called the "-----------------------" “Fertile Crescent”
Spanned land between the ------ an ----------- Rivers west to the Mediterranean Sea. Tigris , Euphrates
One of the first civilizations to emerge was ----- Sumer
Growth of population and ----- trade
End to ---------- farming. Workers specialize in crafts. subsistence
Farmers grow more than---------- , trade the rest, and others focus on other trades (woodworking, metallurgy) needed
A system of writing and ----------------- record keeping
Used --------, which was a system of writing with wedge-shaped symbols Cuneiform
First known piece of literature, the Epic of ------------, written in 2700 BCE. Gilgamesh
Used tablets made of hardened ----- clay
Story of a king named Gilgamesh who interacts with his gods and people interacts
Advanced ----------- that allowed them to survive technology
Used ----------- for weapons/tools bronze
Sumerians invented the -------- , plow, and sailboat wheel
A functioning -------- government
Modified environment to live in the challenging --------------------- Fertile Crescent
Created ------------ trade network to get stone, wood, etc. extensive
Built city walls to prevent ------------ raids
Built irrigation -------- to control flooding ditches
Practiced ------------- , or a belief in many gods polytheism
Worshiped in a temple called a ----------- ziggurat
Government was a monarchy, established by strong --------------- warriors
Sumerian cities (Ur, Uruk, Akkad) were toppled by the ---------, a group of nomadic raiders around --------BCE Amorites, 2,000
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