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JoeH Civics Gr7 2nd9

7th grade civics study guide for second nine weeks test

Who monitors office holders after an election? constituents
What do political parties do? nominate and help individuals win elections
Who is the person selected to run as the party's choice? candidate
What are the issues that a candidate or party stands for? platform
What type of system is the American political process? 2 party system
T or F: Is the most important function of a political party to help candidates win elections? true
What is the term for a political party that is not part of the 2 party system? third party
What do political action committees contribute to political campaigns? money
T or F: Is one of the functions of political parties to amend the Constitution? false
Registering and voting - duty or responsibility? responsibility
Due to the expense of running a campaign, who is more likely to run for elected office? wealthy individuals
Due to the expense of running for office, what role do PACs play a very important one
Do political parties pay for all the expenses of running a campaign, so candidates don't have to do any fund-raising? no, they do not
Why has campaign finance reform become an issue? because of the high cost of running for office, limits have been set on the amount individuals can contribute
For what type of election is voter participation typically the highest? for the Presidential election
What is the only indirect election in the US? Presidential election
What body elects the President? Electoral College
What must you do first in order to vote in Virginia? register to vote
How many days before an election must you register? registration is closed 29 days before an election
What three things describe the type of people who are more likely to vote? higher eduction, higher income, and age
What are the two main reasons the citizens fail to turn out to vote? lack of interest or apathy, failure to register
How is the number of electors for each state decided? by population
What type of states do Presidential candidates tend to campaign in? states with large populations
Which level of government handles agreements made between our country and another? federal
Powers not given to the national government are reserved for whom? the states and the people
Local government power comes from where? comes from and controlled by the states
Health, safety and welfare are powers that belong to which level of government? the states
What does the legislative branch do? makes laws
What do we call powers that are specifically listed? expressed powers
What do we call powers that are NOT specifically listed? implied powers
What do checks and balances allow each of the three branches of government to do? check or restrain the power of other branches
Which branch executes laws and prepares budgets? executive
Which branch declares laws and presidential acts to be unconstitutional? judicial
What does amend mean? to change
What are the two keys steps to amending the US Constitution? proposal and ratification
How many amendments do we have? 27
Which branch enforces and carries out laws executive
What is the FIRST of the 4 steps for a bill to become a law? working in committees
What is the SECOND of the 4 steps for a bill to become a law? debating on the floor
What is the THIRD of the 4 steps for a bill to become a law? voting by both houses
What is the FOURTH of the 4 steps for a bill to become a law? signing into law by President or governor
How often does the President deliver the State of the Union Address? once a year
Who do lobbyists try to influence? legislators
Why do lobbyists try to influence? to introduce and vote bills into law
The executive branch has the power to call Congress into what? session
Who does the executive branch appoint? judges
What does the executive do to bill sent by Congress? approve or veto
How does the government communicate with the public to relay their policy agenda? appealing directly to the people and using the media
Who focuses the public's attention on selected issues? the media
Who gives the State of the Union speech, and where? by the President in front of Congress
What is the purpose of the State of the Union speech? to state goals and policy objectives
What constitutes the executive branch at the national level? President
What constitutes the legislative branch at the national level? Congress - the Senate and House of Representatives
What constitutes the judicial branch at the national level? US Supreme Court, appellate court, district court
What constitutes the executive branch at the state level? governor
What constitutes the legislative branch at the state level? General Assembly - Senate and House of Delegates
What constitutes the judicial branch at the state level? Virginia Supreme Court and Circuit Courts
What constitutes the executive branch at the local level? mayor
What constitutes the legislative branch at the local level? city council
What constitutes the judicial branch at the local level? local courts
Created by: ThomsonL



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