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Colonial Settlement

History- Colonial Settlement

Carolina This colony was established by a group of eight businessmen.
Connecticut In search of better farmland, Thomas Hooker founded this colony.
Georgia This colony was established by James Oglethorpe to help the poor and those in debt.
Hampshire New ____ started out as English fishing and fur-trading camps that grew into small towns and trading centers.
harbors Carolina grew slowly because of its poor ____ and dangerous coastline.
Harvard By 1636, the Puritans founded this college, the oldest in America.
Holland Settlers from this country founded the colony of New Netherlands, which became New York.
Jamestown John Smith became the leader of ____ after the first winter.
log The Swedes built the first ____ cabins in America.
Maryland This colony was the first to pass a law giving freedom of religion.
Mason John ____, an Englishman, owned most of New Hampshire before the Pilgrims came to America.
Massachusetts Puritans established the ____ Bay Colony.
New Jersey The Duke of York gave this colony as a gift to two of his friends.
Orders Thomas Hooker, founder of Connecticut, wrote the Fundamental ____, the first written constitution in America.
Penn William ____ received the land that is now Pennsylvania from the king as payment of a debt.
Quakers This group settled in Pennsylvania.
Roanoke Sir Walter Raleigh founded this English colony off the coast of North Carolina.
Sweden Settlers from this country started the colony of Delaware.
Virginia By growing tobacco, this colony became the richest among the English colonies.
Williams Roger ____ left the Puritans to establish Providence and provide true religious freedom.
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