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SS Midterm

For my brother and for me to get an A

13st Amend banned slavery throughout the nation
14th Citizenship of all persons born or naturalized in US. Guaranteed citizens equal protection of laws.
15th - Forbade any states to deny any citizen the right to vote because of race color or previous condition of servitude.(slavery)
16th Gave congress the power an income tax
17th Allowed for direct election of senators
18th Made it illegal to sell alcoholic drinks in the US
19th Guaranteed women the right o vote
Acculturation the process of holding on to older traditions while adapting to a new culture
Jane Addams Leading figure of the settlement
Age of Imperialism policy of powerful countries seeking to control the economical and political affairs of weaker countries
Alliances agreement between nations to aid and protect one another
American Federation of Labor an organization open to only skilled workers
Anarchist people opposing all forms of organized gov’t
Armistice an agreement to stop fighting
Black Hand motivation a Serbian terrorist group
Bureaucracy a system of managing gov’t through departments run by appointed officials
Andrew Carnegie a rich, Scottish immigrant, had ideas of how to make money and how to spend it. He influenced many.
Cattle Kingdom wide varieties of cattle ranches set up by the Spanish/Mexicans. Cattle freely roamed on the plains of Texas
Dividend shares of a cooperations profit
Dollar Diplomacy Taft’s policy of building strong economic ties to Latin America
Expansionism extemding its national boundries
Federal Reserve Act set up a system of federal banks
Archduke Ferdinand assassinated by the Black Hand terrorists because of Ferdinand’s visit to Sarajevo
Food Administration nations way of feeding troops and send food to the allies
Free Enterprise System businesses owned by private citizens
Jay Gould financer and railroad owner; started panic of Black Friday with James Frisk
Graduated Income Tax taxes people at different rates
Haymarket Riot an incident causing consequences to anarchists; no real evidence found
William Hearst challenged Joseph Pulitzer with his journalism “New York Journal”
Hull House a settlement house opened in 1898 by Jane Addams
Initiative gave voters right to put a bill before state legislature
Jim Crow Laws laws separating blacks and whites
League of Nations “general association of nations”
Henry Cabot republican, chairmen of Senete Foreign Relations Committee
Platt Amendment allowed US to intervine in Cuba amd gave the US comtrol of the navel base at Guantanamo.
Progressives forward thinking people who wanted to improve American life
Public Interest the good of the people
Referendum allowed voters to put a bill on the ballot and vote it into law
Created by: Aveena