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wgu hcc1 part II

History, World Civics and Economics

Capitalism Economics where private ownership of resources and people are largely free to make their own economic decisions
Free Enterprise System Competition means competing for customers/markets; businesses try to produce what they think customers will buy at highest prices possible
Entrepreneurs Creat new goods/services; use capital made in one area to another (growth); employ people; indentify needs and fill them
Peasants during Feudalism Comprised largest social group; gave produce and services to the lord of manor
Gross Domestic Product (GND) value of all goods and services produced within a country in one year
Apartheid racist policies enforced by white dominated regime in South Africa
Neolithic Age Domesticated plants and animals which initiated the rise of agriculture
Qin Dynasty construction of Great Wall
Han Dynasty Silk Road
Lenin 1st ever Soviet project for national economic recovery and development; New Economic Policy; leader of communist revolt; arrested and exiled; pulled out of WWI; closed gap between rural and urban communities; wanted electricity for all
What is the impact of imports on domestic prices? Increases consumer satisfaction; causes leakage from domestic economy; reduces multiplier effect
Feudalism Medieval Europe political system composed of a set of reciprocal legal and military obligations among the warrior nobility, revolving around the three key concepts of lords, vassals and fiefs. Granted land in exchange for service
Imperialism Extending a nations power by some form of power over a foreign nation
Mao Tse Tung Launched cultural revolution; Great Leap Forward (alternate model for economic growth)
Great Leap Forward many peasants ordered to work on infrastructure projects and production of iron and steel; private food production was banned; livestock and farm implements were brought under collective ownership
Start of WWI Assanation of Archduke Fernando; Austria declared war on Serbia; Russia disagreed with war; Germans and Hungarians needed support from Berlin to attack Serbia; Germany sinks US ships
End of WWI Great Depression; agriculture problems; Germans to pay reparations for all damages to allies
Socialism State owns resources and makes all decisions regarding dispersement
Requerimeinto A document read to natives declaring that Jesus was Christ and that the Pope had power to rule over all of the earth
What were the reasons American Colonies Declared Independence? Conflicts between colonies and England; Violated compact between colonies and Britain; wanted separate from England; Right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness
Which cabinet has equal representation from each state? Senate
Federalist Position of Electoral College wanted direct elections for President and Vice President. One Person=One Vote; Majority= Winner
Antifederalist position of electoral college opposed direct elections
What events fueled the pre-civil war conflict on slavery? Territorial expansion (compromise 1850); fugitive slave act; Kansas Nebraska act
What is the benefit of an American 2 party system? Allows for greater representation of the people
Which president initiated a diplomatic opening to China? Richard Nixon
Korematsu v. United States During WWI, American citizens of Japanese descent were relocated to confinement centers in California desert. Government argued that this action was reasonable because it prevented Japanese espionage
What is a Federalist? Supportors of the constitution who advocated ratification
Craig v. Boren A case involving a challenge to an Oklahoma statute allowing the sale of 3.2% beer to males over 21, but females over 18
Barron v. Mayor and city council of Baltimore (1833) Supreme court ruled that Bill of Rights applied only to the Federal Government
WWII Germany invaded Poland (1939); it ended with the surrender of Germany and Japan
What is a Muckraker? One who speads real or alleged scandal about another (usually for political advantage)
Which religion was the Maryland colony? Catholic
What are Antifederalists? Critics of the constitution who expressed concern that it seemed to possess no specific provision for the protection of natural and civil rights
14th amendment Ratified in 1868, this amendment provided citizenship to the ex slaves after the civil war and constitutionally protected equal rights under the law for all citizens
15th amendment 1870, this amendment prohibited the denial or abridgement of the right to vote by the federal government on the basis of race, color or prior condition as a slave
13th amendment Ratified in 1865, this amendment prohibited slavery and involuntary servitude
Which president initiated the construction of the Panama Canal (1903)? Theodore Roosevelt
Which president allowed a black student to go to an all white university with the protection of the National Guard? Kennedy
Created by: racm
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