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AICP Planng History3

Planning History during the 1920s.

What was the " Standard State Zoning & Enabling Act"? Year? Who prompted its development? The Standard State Zoning Enabling Act (SZEA) established states' right to plan through zoning of land uses. Secretary of State Herber Hoover led its development in 1924.
What were some of the major provisions of the SZEA? 1) grant of zoning power, 2) land uses could be divided into districts, 3) required statement of purpose for the zoning regulations, 4) required procedures for creating & amending codes, 5) required a zoning commission be created as a planning advisor
What ws the Standard City Planning Enabling Act? Year? Who led its development? The SCPEA was a 1928 Federal legislation that promoted city master or comprehensive planning. Effort led by Sec of State Herbert Hoover.
What the primary priciples of the SCPEA? 1) organization & power of a planning commission to develop a master plan, 2) plan for the physical development, 3) master street plan, 4) approval of public improvements, 5) control private subdivision of land, 6) develop a rpc & regional plan.
Where was the first rural zoning established? When? Wisconsin in 1929
When was Sunnyside Garden built? Designers? Builders? Location? Significance? Sunnyside Gardens was the first PLANNED "Garden City" in the US. Located in Queen, NY it was designed by Clarence Stein & Henry Wright and built by the City Housing Corp under the mangement of Alexander Bing.
When was Radburn, NJ built? Builders? Significance? Radburn, NJ was the first CONSTRUCTED "Garden City" in the US. It was designed by Clarence Stein & Henry Wright in 1928.
What Federal Department was responsible for the SZEA & SCPEA? Who led it? What years? Te SZEA & SCPEA were established by US Department of Commerce which was led by Sec of State Herbert Hoover. The SZEA was completed in 1924 & SCPEA was completed in 1928.
What was the first comprehensive plan to be adopted in the US? When? The 1925 Cincinnatti Plan.
Describe the "Neighborhood Unit Principle". Who developed it? What Year? The neighborhood is the core of the community and all people should be able to access all parts of the community from the neighborhood. Developed by Clarence Perry in 1929.
Explain what the "Concentric Zone Model" of city planning. The Concentric Zone Model is a planning theory which states that a city is developed in rings. Core is the business district; the 1st circle is a low-income, high crime residential; 2nd is working class; 3rd is middle class, 4th is upper class.
What book is about the "Concentric Zone Model" of city planning? Authors? Year? What is another name for this model? "The City" written by Ernest Burgess, Robert Park, & Roderick McKenzie in 1925. Because of its circles around the core design it is also known as the "Bull's Eye" model
Where was the first county wide planning/ regional plan in the US? Los Angeles County in 1922.
What was the predecessor to JAPA? When was it published? What organization? "City Planning" by the American City Planning Institute in 1925.
Where was the first regional planning commission formed? Year? Los Angeles County in 1922
What is the significance of the "Regional Plan for New York and Environs"? Author? Year? It was the first plan focused on "Suburban Development" by planning for highway construction & suburban recreational facilities. Developed by Clarence Stein & Lewis Mumford from 1922- 1929.
Where was the first historic commission established? Year? Name? New Orleans established "Vieux Carre Commission" in 1921.
What is the significance of Mariemont, OH? Year? Designers? Designed by John Nolen, Mariemont,OH's design of short blocks, mixture of rental and owner-occupied housing were precurssors to the new urbanist movement. It was built in 1923.
What is the planning significance of the stock market crash? The proverty ensued prompted people to think about planning on a national level in order to address the needs of all.
What is the Federal Roads Act? Federal Roads Act of 1920 called for the widening of streets which led to land use zoning & development of new roads.
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