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Bio Final

the 23 pairs of human chromosomes make up the____ number of chromosomes, which symbolized by the letter____ diploid, Zn
Another name for the sex cells, egg and sperm is____ gamete
the egg and sperm have only 1 set of chromosomes. This is called the ____ number and is symbolized by the letter ____ haploid, n
the process by which eggs and sperm are produced, and the chromosome number reduced to half the diploid number is called ____ meiosis
In this process the chromosomes are replicated only once. However there are ____ cell divisions 2
During Prophase I, a tetrad of chromosomes interwine. Parts may be interchanged. This is called ____ crossing over
During Metaphase I, chromosomes line up at the equater in ____, instead of in a single row as in mitosis. pairs
In males, each parent cell will produce how many daughter cells 4
In females how many daughter cells will be produced 1
what is the oposite process to meiosis called fertilization
the uncontrolled growth of cells is called ____ cancer
chemical known to cause cancer is called ____ carcinogens
programmed cell death, such a shrinkage of the webbing between fingers in the embryo, is called ____ apoptosis
unspecialized cells which can develop into specialized cells are called _____. If they came from an embryo killed for that purpose it is morally wrong. stem cells
an organism that is genetically identical with another is called a _____ clone
a teachnique called ____ is used to make millions of copies and a specific region of DNA fragment. pollnerace chain reaction
is the technology that invlolves manipulating the DNA of organism. genetic engineering
the ____ determined the sequence of all nucleotides that make up human DNA. human gene project
determining the unique DNA fragments that belong to an individual in known as _____ DNA finger penting
a kentuckey derby winner is the result of crossing fast, strong steres and mares. This is called ____ ____ selective breeding
a mule is a cross between a horse and a jackass. It is a _____ and like all crosses between species it is _____ hybrid, sterile
those who raised pedigreed dogs will only mate them with the same breed. This is called ____ and may allow recessive traits to show up. purebreed
a dog breeder may wish to determine if his pue black dog has two genes. For blackness, or carries a recessive gene for a spotted coat. He need to breed the dog with a spotted coat and see if any of the recessive variety show up. This is called ______ test cross
Dna is studied in small sequences _____ enzymes are used to cut the molecules into segments. restriction
these segments are analyzed by ____ gel electron ferisa
the DNA from one organism can be attached to the DNA of a second. This is called _____ recombinate
small circular DNA molecules in bacteria, Known as _____ are frequently used to have other DNA attached. This can enable the bacteria to maufacture hormones and other compounds. phasmids
organisms that contain genes from a different type of organisms are called ______ transgenie
organisms that can make their own food are called _____ autotophs
what color are autotophs? green
Green color is due to which pigment chlorophyll
chlorophyll is found in which organelle? chloroplasts
the ultimate source of energy for all life is the ______ sun
the immediate source of energy for a cell is ____ ATP
ATP is the abbreviation for? adenosine triphosphate
It is made by adding a _____group to _____. phosphate, ADP
photosynthesis equation 6 carbonate + 6 water yields 6 oxygen plus glucose C6 H12 O6
photsynthesis formula 6 CO2 + 6H2O -> 6H12O6 + 602
chlorophyll uses which colors found in light? purple, blue, orange, red
what happens to the green not used it is reflected back
An orange pigment found in leaves + vegetables carotein
The cloroplast contains membranes called _____, piled in stacks called ____, surrounded by material called _____ thylakoids, gramma, stroma
NADPT functions as an ______ transporting electrons from chlorophyll to other molecules electron carrier
the first thing light does inside the chlorophyll molecule is to break up a molecule of _____ water molecule
The oxygen is not needed and released quicky. The hydrogen and its energized electrons enter the ____. This portion of reaction is called the light -_______ thylakoid space, dependent
carbondioxide from the atmosphere enters the ______ cycle; the CO2 molecules are joined to the hydrogen and electrons from the first part of the reaction and _____is produced Kelvin, glucose
the rate of this reaction depends on the availibilty of _____ the _____, and the intensity of _____. water, te,perature, light
Identify the reactants and products in this diagram, ADP + P + energy storing ATP
the energy we need is stored until needed in the molecules of glucose. To obtain this energy, the glucose molecule is first broken in half. This is called ______. glycolysis
Some bacteria, and overworked muscles, turn pyruvic acid into ______, making the dairy industry happy. lactid acid.
This is called ______ respiration, because it does not need oxygen, or another name: _______ aerobic, aerobi process
for aerobic respiration, the pyruvic acid must move into the ______ mytochondria
During this cycle, the 3C pyruvic acid is broken down into ______ which you breathe out (Krebs cycle) carbondioxide.
Much energy is still in the electrons attached to the elctron carriers _____ and ____ NADH, FADH
This energy is aqueezed out in the steps of the ____ ____ electron transport chain
the total amount of energy produced by aerobic respiration is _____ molecules of ATP, which is why you can be so energetic. 36
the father of genetics is ______ Gregor mendel
Mendel crossed pure tall and pure short pea plants. The offspring are all ____ hybrids
Mendel used these results to say that tallnes was ______ and that shortness was a ____recessive trait. dominat, recessive
mendel crossed these offsrping j of many offspring, there was a ratio of _____ tall and _____short 3:1
the pure tall and pure short plants are called the ____ generation. The offspring is called the ____ generation and their offspring is called the ______ generation P, F1, F2
If the allels for a trait are alike, we say the organism is _____ heterozygous
An organisms alleles (suh as TT, or Tt) make up its _____ phenotype
the branch of math that helps determine the percentage of genotypes and phenotypes of the offspring is _____ probabilty
what are Mendels 3 laws dominance, segregation, independent assortment
Human body cells contain _____ chromosomes 46
this number cinsist of 23 pairs of matching chromosomes called ______ chromosomes homologous
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