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kuhnerts exam!

Process in which a comittee rejects a bill by ignoring it and simply letting it die through inaction pigeonholing
Occurs when president takes no action on a bill submitted for signature within 10 days of the end of annual congressional session? pocket veto
A method of defeating a bill in the senate by stalling the legislative process and preventing a vote Filibuster
Limits debate in the senate to one hour per senator Cloture
What would the lower court recieve if the US supreme court agreed to hear a case and placed it on the docket writ of certiorari
how long can you serve as a supreme court justice? LIFE
Judicial branch's power to review the decisions of the other branches Judicial review
2 of the main jobs of the supreme court.. decide what cases to hearhear oral argumentsissue opinions
current chief justice of the supreme court: John G. Roberts JR
power of judicial review is based on which landmark US supreme court case? Marbury .V. Madison
committee that only exists ont he US house of representatives rules committee
What does a committee use to make their recommendations on a bill to their entire committee? a committee report
Who chooses the chairperson of each congressional committee? the majority committee
permanent committee that oversees bills on issues within their jurisdiction standing committees
T/F: A senority is a consideration in assigning members to committees and determining the leaderships in those committees TRUE
Waht power does the president have to check or balance the power of the legislative branch in the lawmaking process? veto power
T/F: The president has line-item authority FALSE
the president has nominating authorities of federal judges, but who must confirm these nominations? The senate by a majority vote
three qualification for president must be at least 35natural born US citizenlived in the US for at least 14 years
what type of political beliefs do the individuas elected to the presidency have?? Moderate
what amendment established the presidential line of succesion?? 25th
in which chamber can a bill beintroduced by ropping it in the "hopper"? house of representatives
during which part of the lawmaking process can any member propose and amendment to the bill under consideration? open floor debate
why are courts with original jurisdiction also callled trial courts? you are entitled to a trial by jury of your peers
Whats the rule of 4? if at least 4 justices vote to hear the casee then it will be heard
T/F: does a president have to pay taxes off of his income like everyone else? TRUE
If the chief asks you to write the winning teams opinion what type of opinion would you be writing?? The majority opinion
if i were to agree with the majority decision of my fellow justices, but for a different reason, what type of opinion could i write?? concurring opinion
What does the president have when he has a strong popular support from the people on an issue?? mandate
2 informal qualifications for the president!! previous government experienceability to raise large sums of money
If the president makes a treaty with another country who has to approve the treaty?? the senate
What organization goes through a bill section-by-section, making any changes that they think are necessary.. and waht is this process called?? The committee or sub-committee dring a mark-up session
what must happen for congress to over-ride a presidential vote? 2/3 vote in both houses
Whats the major difference between trial courts and appeal courts?? trial courts decided by a juryappeal courts decided by a anel of three judges
there are 13 of these in teh federal court system circuit courts of appeal
select committees temporarystudies one specific issueusually last only 1 session of congress
congressional committees selectjointconferencestanding
joint committees can be temporary or permanentincludes members of both housesis basically a study group handling routine matters
conference committees temporaryincludes members of both housesset up when bills pass in both houses but not in identical form
standing committees permanentoveversees bills dealing with issues within their jurisdiction
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