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Fitness For Life 1

Fitness for life, son

What part of the body does the arm lift strengthen or stretch? Chest and Shoulder (its the superman)
What part of the body does the zipper strengthen or stretch? Shoulder, arm, and chest (finger touch)
Trunk Rotation Spine, Shoulder and hip (stupid line one)
Wrap around FISH HOOK! Shoulder and neck
Knee to chest Hip, Hamstrings and lower back
Ankle Flex Calf and Ankle
PNF Contract before stretching!
Static No contractions! same stretch, but omitted contraction, foo.
Back Saver Sit and Reach lower back and hamstrings (push your foot into floor, nose to knee type sitch)
Knee Chest SQUEEZE hands! Lower back and ya glutes.
Spine Twist knees side to side...stretches hip, lower back and glutes!
Sitting Stretch Butterfly--inner thighs
One arm zippa Triceps (pushes elbowowowow)
Ballistic BOBBING yall. Not super great unless recommended by a physican
Arm Pretzel Shoulder rotators, gaaaaay one where you just hold your arms out in front of you.
Hip Stretch Lunges! Runners stretch. Front of thigh and front of hip!
Arm stretch Triceps, shoulders, pecks (chest) RAISE YOUR HANDS UP!
Chest Stretch CHEST! DUR. Shoulders. Horrible Horrible Door Stretch. Least favorite. Thing about it makes me want to vomit.
Calf Stretch standing up runners. Stretches calves and the Achilles tendon
Resting Heartrate When you arent exercising...around 60-80
Maximal Heartrate Your maximal heart rate is the maximal number of beats per minute that your heart can beat during a hard exercise bout. As you age, your maximal heart rate declines, mostly due to a decrease in physical activity, but also due to a less efficient heart.
Target Heartrate Your target heart rate range is the range of heart rate values you want to keep your heart rate in while you're exercising
Threshold Minimal amount of heartrate
HR range MAX-RESTING=Heartrate Range*.50, than add your resting again...that equals your threshold.
Isometric Exercise-involves which body parts dont the boat yoga move
Isotonic Bodyparts do move
Isokinetic Regulates resistance or speed through a full range of joint movement
Sidestand HARD BALANCE one that Katie cant do. ISOMETRIC leg and arm muscles as well as trunk muscles
Trunk Extension isotonic, up and down trunk on table nvlkejfakj Upper back muscles
Sitting Tuck from knees together to the boat thing...isotonic Works your hips and legs
Leg Changes Isotonic, hips and legs, death runner changing yea
Bent Arm Hang Isometric, arm and shoulder and chest
STRIDE JUMP superhero---quadriceps hamstring glutes (upper legs), CHEST, TRICEPS, DELTOIDS, BICEPS, PECTOR
Side Leg Raise Hip and thigh muscles...but it seriously worksthe inner thighs. Up and down leg
Trunk Lift Reverse curlup type situation. Lower back muscles
Bridging BUTTUCKs, lower thighs
TRUE OR FALSE, overarch your lower back for extra stretching FALLLLLLSEEEEEE!!!! HOW COULD YOU??
Push ups...Knee push ups Triceps, pectorals,
Curl UP with twists ABS! (OF STEEL)
High Knee Jog Thighs, calves, and arms. Hammies. (cardio)
Prone arm lift super man...head down! Arms!! <<BACK MUSCLES>>
STERIODSSSSAHHHH! *Yellowing teeth *Development of Breast in Males *Increased Risk of Liver disease and cancer *stunned growth *High Blood Pressure *BALLLLLD *Stinky Breath *Mood Swings *Anger *Opposite sex yeah
Example of Isometric Side Stand
Example of Isotonic Sitting Tuck, leg changw
Example of Isokinetic Leg Change if keeping movement constant
Plyometric Training designed to increase performance JUMPING and Hopping, lengthening, shortening and contracting
Calisthenic Exercises using all or part of the body weight as resistance --Jumping Jacks
FITT Frequency Intensity Time Type
Weight/ Resistance Using a resistance, weights using weights , bicep curls
Resistance Training A form of exercise that is done to improve muscular strength and endurance using a machine that provides resistance rather than using weights.
Circuit Training A type of physical activity program in which the person performs a group of exercises in a sequence with brief rests between exercises. (INCHWORM, jumping rope)
Weighlifting Olympic Sport Sport. Free WEIGHTS! Maximum Load. 2 types, Clean and Jerk and Snatch
Powerlifting Another competitive sport. Free Weights. Bench Press, squat and deadlift.
Bodybuilding When an athlete is primarily concerned about the appearance of their bodies and use weight training to tone muscles.
True or False. Dont worry about safety when weight training big fat FALSE
Modified IRM method estimate the amount of weight they can lift one time by lifting a weight several times and using a scientifically developed chart to make an educated guess about how much you can lift at one time.
Seated Overhead Press deltoid, tricep, shoulderblade, back of arm
Bench Press Triceps and Pecs, back of arm and chest
Knee Extensions Thigh,
half Squat Top of Thighs Quadriceps, hammies and glutes
Hamstring Curl ((LAYING DOWN)) Hamstrings!
Heel Raise CALVES Im on a plank!
Seated French Curl Triceps (French class is tedious just like this stretch)
Bent over Dunbell row Biceps, Between shoulder blade and your shoulder
Side Stretch Bending to side to side. Torso
Created by: Hwoo
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