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ss midterm


Who is confucius? Chinese teacher of morals that came to embody the core of confucianism.
Who is Pythagoras? Ancient Greek philosopher and mathematican whose ideas led to the field of geomatry.
Who is Plato? Ancient Greek philosopher and disciple of Socrates who was one of the most famous thinkers of ancient greece.
Who is Socrates? Ancient Greek philosopher who developed an approach to teaching based on asking questions.
Who is Archimedes? Scientist of the Hellenistic Age who was the first person to explain how levers work.
Who is Hapshepsut? Queen of ancient Egypt who proclamied herself pharoah and ruled during the New Kingdom.
Who is King Menes? Lengendary ancient egyptian king who is credited with uniting lower and upper Egypt.
Who is Shi Huangdi? Quin who created the first unified chinese emperor he started building the Great Wall of China.
Who is Euclid? Greek mathmatician who developed the system of plane geometry.
Who is Aristotle? Ancient greek philosopher and student of Plato who wrote more than 170 books.
Who is Homer? Ancient Greek poet who composed two poems, the Iliad and the Odyssey, about the Trojan war
Who is Hippocrates? Ancient Greek doctor who is often called the " father of medicine."
Who is King Minos? Lengendary king of the Minoan civilzation in Crete.
Who is Pericles? Ancient Athenian leader who strove to make Athens the center of art and literature and who was responsible for building the Parthenon.
Who is Han Gaozu? First ruler of the Han Dynasty who lifted the ban on books in China.
What is a philosopher? A person who studies truth and knowledge.
What is the Hellenistic Age? A period of time when Ancient Greek and Asian cultures mixed.
What is papyrus? A plant whose stems are used to make a kind of paper.
What is the Rosetta Stone? A stone on which a passage was written in three languages: Greek, Egyptian hieroglyphics, and a form of Egyptian cursive writing.
What are hieroglyphics? A fotm of writing based on pictures.
What is democracy? A goverment by the people.
What is Aristocracy? A goverment controlled by a few weathly people.
What are pyramids? A large stone building to serve as a house for the dead.
What is Confucianism? A way of thinking and living based on the teachings of Confucius. What they believed in: respect for all people, palanced desion, respect for all teachers, parents, and ruler.
What is Daoism? The belief in finding the "way" or the dao, of the univberse. What they believed in: respect and work and live in harmony.
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