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S.S. ch. 7 2010


Making of a large number of goods that are exactly alike. mass production
A person who moves from place to place harvesting crops migrant worker
Borrowed money credit
Place where stocks are bought and sold stock market
Musical form that began in New Orleans, Louisiana, and was influenced by African American musical traditions. jazz
Method of mass production in which a product is put together as it moves past a line of workers. assembley line
Public forms of communication that reach large audiences mass media
Rapid rise in prices inflation
long period without rain drought
Number of workers without jobs unemployment
Guglielmo Marconi was the first to _____? send a radio message across the Atlantic Ocean
Louis Armstrong, a famous jazz musician, was nicknamed Satchmo because________? the way his cheeks puffed out when he played the trumpet
Charles Lindbergh, the first person to fly alone across the Atlantic Ocean, went from___________? New York to Paris
Who won the 1932 presidential election and promised to get the country out of the bad economic times? Franklin D. Rossevelt
Dorothea Lange, a photographer, was hired by the Farm Security Administration (FSA). Why did the FSA hire her? To bring the conditions of the poor to the public's attention by showing her photographs
What was the site where Henry Ford built his first assembly line in a factory? Detroit
Jazz began among African American musicians in what city? New Orleans
Social Security was paid to_______? the elderly, the disabled, the unemployed
Much of what part of the U.S. became known as the Dust Bowl? Great Plains
The center of the stock market is the New York Stock Exchange, which is on__________? Wall Street
What was the name of the car that Henry Ford built and made popular? Model T
What were movies with sound called? talkies
What amendment was also called the prohibition Amendment? 18th
Name the energetic dance that could be performed by one person, with a partner, or in a group? Charleston
What nickname did F. Scott Fitzgerald give the 1920's? Jazz Age
Name the airplane Charles Lindbergh used on his famous flight across the Atlantic Ocean? The Spirit of St. Louis
Give me the month, date, and year that "Black Tuesday" occurred. Oct. 29,1929
What was the name given to the worst period of economic hardship in out country's history Great Depression
What was the name given to the series of programs started by Franklin D. Roosevelt to try to help the nation recover from the economic hardship? New Deal
How many shares of stock were traded on "Black Tuesday"? 16 million
Who was Langston Hughes? a writer who wrote about the lives of African Americans
Amelia Earhart was the first woman to fly________? alone across the Atlantic Ocean
Georia O'Keefe became famous for her painting of________? her colorful scenes from nature
Jacob Lawrence created several series of paintings the showed_________? African American life and history
What was Herbert Hoover unsuccessful in getting the United States out of? The Great Deression
Who wrote the book "The Grapes of Wrath", a story of a family that leaves the Dust Bowl of Oklahoma to find work in California? John Steinbeck
How did Eleanor Roosevelt help her husband? by traveling the country to see if the new programs were improving conditions across the U.S.
What was Prohibition? a time where selling and transporting alcohol was against the law
What was the 21st Amendment? ended Prohibition
What was the Harlem Renaissance? African American aritsts moved to Harlem. New York and used writing, music , and painting to share their ideas and feelings about life
What were speakeasies? A place were people illegally drank alcohol during the Prohibition
Who wrote a book entitled "The Great Gatsby", which was an example of a book that told about the way some city people lived during the 1920's? F. Scott Fitzgerald
Zora Neale Hurston, author of the novel "Their Eyes Were Watching God", often wrote about_______? experiences of African American women
What did Henry Ford use to help build his model-T faster? an assembly line
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