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Seeds of Liberty

American Revolution Causes/vocabulary

vocabulary worddefinition
colonists persons who live in a colony
congress meeting of representatives who have the authority to make decisions
currency money that is used in a country
duty government tax on imports or exports
liberty freedom
Loyalist colonists who supported the British monarch and laws
massacre killing of people who cannot defend themselves
militia volunteer army
Minuteman member of Massachusetts colony militia who could quickly be ready to fight the British
Parliament part of the British government in which members make laws for the British people
petition request for action signed by many people
pocket books a pocket sized case for holding paper money
proclamation official announcement
quarter provide or pay for housing
rebel person who fights against, or will not obey, the law
repeal do away with a law
representation speaking on behalf of someone
tariff tax on goods brought into a country
tax money that is paid by people to run the country
tyranny cruel use of authority
self-government people make their own laws
ally, allies a friend, especially in time of war
boycott refusal to buy goods or services
Created by: dhelm