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Module 13

Lessons 4, 5, 6, 7

What is a totem? (Lesson 4) A natural object or animal that a person, clan, or family uses to show their identity.
What was one disadvantage that the Native Americans living in the Southwest had? (Lesson 4) Living in what is now the areas of Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and Colorado, the Hohokam peoples faced very harsh and hot weather.
What was the Iroquois League? (Lesson 4) It was the most successful alliance in the 1500's and linked 5 different tribes in present day Upper New York.
What was one belief that all Native Americans shared? (Lesson 4) There was a great respect for the land. Among the Native Americans, it was believed that not one person could own land.
Around 1200, what happened to the Anasazi pueblos? (Lesson 4) They were abandoned around 1200. Later peoples such as the Hopi and and Zuni living in this area continued the traditions of the Anasazi.
What were some of the goods traded between the Mayan people and other civilizations? (Lesson 5) Salt, Flint, Feathers, Shells, Cotton, Cloth, Jade Objects, Cocoa Beans, Maize, Beans and Squash were traded.
What type of government did the Mayan people have? (Lesson 5) The Mayan government was a theocracy where there was one god-king per city-state.
What was one the Mayan people showed their devotion to the gods? (Lesson 5) The Mayan peoples would cut themselves in order to sacrifice their blood to the gods.
What were the 2 different calendars that the Mayan peoples had? (Lesson 5) Religious Calendar - 13 months, 20 days per month Sun-Based Calendar - 18 months, 20 days per month
What was the Popol Vuh? (Lesson 5) A book that was written by the Mayan peoples recording their version of the creation of the world.
What do scientists think caused the decline of the Mayan civilization? (Lesson 5) Drought, Warfare, Overpopulation, Overuse of Natural Resources, and the loss of faith in their religion
What was the most important trade item and what was it used to make? (Lesson 6) Obsidian which was volcanic glass in the colors of green/black. This material was used to create sharp weapons.
What was one of the religious rituals that the Aztec priests held? (Lesson 6) Daily human blood sacrifice to the sun god to insure that he was happy and that the sun would rise daily.
What were some of the achievements of the Aztecs? (Lesson 6) - Calendar - Trade Networks - Glyphs - Development of Causeways and City on a Lake
What was a problem that the Aztecs faced during the time Montezuma II ruled? (Lesson 6) Because the Aztecs were running out of captives to sacrifice, they demanded that the people they conquered hand over their people in order to sacrifice them. This made the conquered peoples rebel against the Aztecs.
How did the Aztecs become the leading power in Mexico? (Lesson 6) They formed an alliance with 2 other city-states forming the Triple Alliance. This alliance became the leading power in Mexico during that time.
Who was the peaceful god Topiltzin tried to replace the warlike god with? (Lesson 6) Quetzalcoatl was a feathered serpent. The Aztec people rebelled against the new god and instead of it replacing the warlike god, Quetzalcoatl became a Toltec legend.
What was the first city-state to emerge in the Aztec area? (Lesson 6) Teotihuacan in the first century A.D arose with a population around 150,000 and 200,000 at the peak in the sixth century.
What was one of the disadvantages the Incas had in the language aspect? (Lesson 7) The Incas didn't have a written language making it hard for them to communicate with different empires.
What were some of the harsh physical conditions the Incas went through? (Lesson 7) Warm weather, earthquakes, traveled long distances to communicate and trade, and the region was difficult to farm.
What is Machu Picchu known as? (Lesson 7) "The City in the Sky".
What was the Mita System? (Lesson 7) Since the Incas didn't have a currency, that meant they couldn't pay taxes. In order to serve the government, the Inca people would take 2-3 months out of the year and worked jobs that the government needed done.
Who was the god the Inca's believed in and what did they think he would do for them? (Lesson 7) They believed in the sun god, Inti who was thought to bring wealth and power to the Incas. Only men from one of 11 noble families were thought to be descendants of the sun god. You could only serve as king if you were a descendant of the sun god.
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