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USH Semester Exam Re

Hitler's violations of Treaty of Versailles rearmed Germany & he Rhineland, took Sudetenland, annexed Austria
Lend-Lease Act aid to the Allies so they could continue to fight the Axis powers
appeasement giving in to an enemy to avoid war; practiced by Britain and France in the Munich Pact with Germany
Final Solution Nazi plan to eliminate the Jews of Europe by executing them in extermination camps
Pearl Harbor brought an end to U.S. neutrality in World War II
Homefront of WWII 1st peacetime draft, production of war goods, rationing, sale of war bonds
Stalingrad and Midway turning points in WWII
D-Day allowed the Allies to open a new front In Europe
American life during WWII gas rationed, victory gardens, women worked in factories
War Production Board produced war materials, encouraged rationing of essential goods
Office of War Informaiton created wartime propaganda
Selective Service drafted eligible men into military service
National Labor Relations Board mediated between labor unions and management during the war
Japanese Americans questions over their loyalty led to internment
rationing action aimed at conserving essential goods for the war
Nuremberg Trials trials of Nazi officials to hold them responsible for their actions during WWII
atomic bomb at Hiroshima and Nagasaki led to Japanese surrender in World War II
GI Bill helped veterans transition out of wartime by giving loans for higher education and housing
Jonas Salk developed the polio vaccine
Cold War conflict between the U.S. and Soviets created by conflicting government and economic systems
Sputnik after the launch of this - the U.S. worried the Soviets were technologically superior
Berlin Airlift Truman's response to the blockade of Berlin
Truman Doctrine aid to Greece and Turkey to help resist communist takeover
Marshall Plan restore economic stability in Europe
McCarthyism accusations of Joseph McCarthy of communist infiltration, no evidence to support, called witch hunts
Rosenbergs tried and convicted of spying on circumstantial evidence
38th Parallel dividing line between North and South Korea
Civil Rights Movement aimed to end discrimination in American society
Thurgood Marshall 1st African American Supreme Court Justice
Plessy v. Ferguson established separate but equal principle concerning segregation
Brown v. Board of Education declared school segregation unconstitutional, overturned Plessy ruling
Little Rock Central High site of clash over school desegregation, Eisenhower sent troops to show the court ruling would be enforced
Civil Rights Act of 1964 aimed at correcting discrimination
Cesar Chavez, Hector Garcia, Betty Friedan civil rights leaders who fought for equality for minorities
Martin Luther King civil rights leader who promoted non violence
Black Panthers civil rights group that advocated confrontation and self-advocacy
Cuban Missile Crisis Kennedy established a naval blockade around Cuba
War on Poverty Johnson's plan to lead a unified fight against poverty
anti-war movement between Hawks who supported the war and Doves who called for American withdrawal
Vietnam War the U.S. hope to contain the spread of communism in Asia
domino theory stated that if one nation fell to communism, neighboring countries would be vulnerable
Gulf of Tonkin Resolution Congress gave the president a blank check to take action in Vietnam
Vietnamization Nixon's policy to remove U.S. troops while training S. Vietnamese troops
credibility gap public distrust of statements made by the gov't concerning the Vietnam War
War Powers Act limits a president's ability to use the military without congressional approval
detente Nixon's policy to reduce cold war tensions
Watergate caused public cynicism concerning the government
Camp David Accords 1st peace agreement between Israel and Egypt
Persian Gulf War U.S. felt Hussein's invasion of Kuwait threatened national interests
glasnost Gorbachev reform calling for more openness
perestroika Gorbachev's restructuring of the Soviet economy
supply side economics cut taxes to stimulate spending
Reagan's goals shrink size and influence of federal gov't
fall of Berlin Wall symbolized the end of the Cold War
Americans with Disabilities Act required accessibility for handicapped, end discrimination
Clinton's impeachment Clinton was impeached on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice
Contract with America Republican plan to restore the balance between citizens and their government
globalization encourages worldwide trade and a world economy
Al Qaeda responsible for the 9-11 attacks
USA PATRIOT Act passed following 9-11 to monitor terrorist threats
Created by: amoyer1981
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