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AP Gov Final 2

What is the most costly program to the government? Social Security
The welfare reforms of 1996 did all of the following except take the federal government out of welfare policy, granting all authority to the states
What is the most important actor in the foreign policy establishment? The president
What role is pursued by nations attempting to preserve the social order against all revolutions and other major regime changes? Holy Alliance
When Woodrow Wilson announced that "the world must be safe for democracy" he was expressing the need for the US to take on The Napoleonic Role
What is not an example of the US playing a Holy Alliance role? The Bosnia peace keeping mission beginning in 1995
What do you need to tile a lawsuit? Standing
How has the economic gap changed over the years? Gap has gotten bigger
Laissez-faire No government interference
Keynesian economics Increasing public spending and cutting taxes
What are the goals of economic policy? Promote a strong and stable economy, promote business development, promote international trade, regulate industrial relations, protect the environment, protect consumers
Medicare is what? Medicaid is what? Contributory, Noncontributory
What is not a program of forced saving? (Contributory) TANF
How did the Great Depression change American attitudes about welfare? It revealed that poverty could be caused by a flawed economic system, not just by personal irresponsibility
What is not a goal of American Social Policy? Closing the gap between the rich and poor
What is the best example of an iron triangle? The stable relationship between a bureaucratic agency, a clientele group and a legislative agency
How do the lobbyists benefit politicians? Gives the politician info
Why do interests groups favor affluent? Those are the ones who are going to pay and become involved
Senate Represents the entire state and has less responsibility. 6 year terms
HOR Represents each constituent. 2 year terms
Population boom was where? Warm places, CA, south. Important because it changed the number of reps per state
Why is redistricting controversial? Done unfairly
What is a conference committee? Temporary committee where they debate issues on hand then dissolve
How many bills pass? 5%
The concept of oversight refers to the effort made by Congress to make executive agencies accountable for their actions
What are the three powers of the president? Expressed, delegated, implied
How have presidents got around treaties? executive agreements
Before civil service act, how were people elected? Spoils system. Now based on merit
What is the origin of most federal bureaus? Congress passes laws creating and funding most federal bureaus
Regulations A technique of control in which the government adopts rules imposing restrictions on the conduct of private citizens
What has been the greatest difficulty in establishing the new Department of Homeland Security Adjusting to the many different bureaucratic cultures now part of a single operation
Devolution describes the process by which the federal government is downsized by delegating the implementation of programs to the federal governments
What is the best form of budgeting for the gov? cutting programs
The use of taxing and spending powers to shape the economy is part of fiscal policy
What type of lawsuit is the government always the plaintiff? Criminal
How many cases make it to the federal court? 1%
What is jurisdiction Where cases will be held
Controversy of federal court appointments ideology interferes, not based on credentials
Marbury vs Madison Congress cannot pass laws that are contrary to the Constitution, and it is the role of the Federal courts to interpret what the Constitution permits.
What is the primary mission of the state department? Diplomacy
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