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Pioneers/Westward Expansion

Many people pioneered through which mountains in 1769 to reach the west? Appalachian Mountains
Who was one of those famous pioneers was known making a specific road for their future? Daniel Boone
Daniel Boone cleared a road through the wilderness which was later called what? Wilderness Road
Life in the frontier was hard and dangerous, what were the hardships and dangers that pioneers faced? Diseases, Hunger, Wild Animals, & Hostiles (Native Americans).
What is the 15th state of the United States of America? Kentucky
By the 1800s, about how many pioneers traveled through Kentucky and the “Midwest” to develop new home in the west? More than 300,000 settlers
When John Adams was president of the United States, he was having trouble with France because of the laws he passed what were they called? Alien and Sedition Acts
What three things did the Alien and Sedition Acts do to France and the presidential political power of Congress? This law gave power to deport any new immigrants. It made it hard for current immigrants to vote. It shutdown any newspapers that wrote anything bad about the current presidential power.
When Thomas Jefferson became president of the United States, he took off John Adams’s policy, why did he do that? Thomas considered this policy unconstitutional
The U.S. was having trouble with France about the New Orleans areas, who did the U.S. sent to talk to the French president to buy New Orleans from France? James Monroe
Who was the President of France which decided to sell all of its land holds in North America to the U.S.A.? Napoleon Bonaparte
For how much did Napoleon sell its North American landholdings in U.S.A. government? 15 Million Dollars
What was the name of the U.S.A. purchase from France that was do in the 1800s by James Monroe? Louisiana Purchase
Who did Thomas Jefferson sent to explore the new land they purchased from France? Lewis and Clark
Lewis and Clarke were given 3 goals to explore the west, what were they? Explore the Missouri rivers and Columbia rivers that lead to the Pacific Ocean. Learn about which Native Americans live in that region. Study and take observations of the landforms, plants, and animals of that area.
When explorers Lewis and Clarke explore the western part of America, who did they met up that served at interpreters for them with the Native Americans, who were they? French trapper Charbonneau and his Shoshone wife, Sacagawea
What were the hardships that Lewis and Clarke faced in their expeditions? Hard weather (Blizzards & scorching heat) Dangerous animals (Grizzly Bears, Black Bears), Mountain Lions, & Timberwolves).
What were the successes that Lewis and Clarke found in their expeditions? Herds of Bison, Elk, Deer, rabbits, and Prairie Dogs. Wild berries Fresh water sources.
What year did Lewis and Clarke finally reached the Pacific Ocean and return to St. Louis? To the Pacific Ocean in 1805 and their return to St. Louis in September of 1806
Who was an explorer that led a small group of pioneers through the Arkansas River and found mountains in Colorado? Zebulon Pike
Zebulon Pike led a small group to the Arkansas river and discovered mountains in Colorado, what were later called? Pikes Peaks
When Thomas Jefferson became president of the United States, what did Thomas Jefferson do to the policy that John Adams passed as law? Thomas Jefferson immediately took it off because it violated the people’s rights.
What was the name of the river that Zebulon Pike used to travel to the Colorado Mountains? The Arkansas River
Created by: vacosta
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