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Define Cultural Contacts An Interaction of diverse cultures and perspectives, which may result in changes in values, beliefs, and traditions
Define Depopulation Reduction of a population because of conflict, disease, loss of resources, cultural change,or assimilation
Define Displacement Involuntary dispersal of a people especially from their homeland
Define International Trade Interchange of raw materials and manufactured goods among distant groups of people
Define Mercantilism From the 16th to the 19th centuries, a system of government-sponsored international business ventures designed to make European monarchs rich
Define Capitalism Economic system for increasing an individual's wealth
Define Free Market Market where the government would regulate nothing and all businesses and property would be privately owned
Define Entrepreneurs People who take the risk by launching business ventures in the hope of making profit
Define Exploitation Use of a person or a group for selfish purposes
Define Communism Planned economy system which government owns all means of production and all people work for government-owned and government-run enterprises
Define Industrialization When a place of production shifts from the home and small craft shops to large factories
Define Industrial Revolution A transformation in the 18th century where many European countries were shifting production techniques to an industrial model
Define Cottage Industries An early stage of economic development in which workers produce limited numbers of goods in their homes
Define Imperialism An association between peoples that intentionally benefits on people over another
Define Eurocentrism The belief that the European world view is superior to all others
Define Canadiens Francophones living in North America
Define Paternalistic Means to treat someone as a child who needs guidance and discipline
Define Residential Schools Boarding schools for the acculturation and assimilation of Aboriginal students, run by religious groups or government from the 1830s to the 1950s
Define Disaggregated Divided into parts just like the First Nations being divided because of the Indian Act
Define Redress An action intended to right past wrongs
Define First Nations Policing Policy To improve the relationship between Aboriginal peoples and police
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