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Define Globalization The process that is making the world's citizens increasingly interdependent economically, socially, politically, environmentally, and technologically
Define Perspective What you know to be true based on collective identities. A perspective can reflect the outlook of a cultural group, faith, age category, economic group, or language group
Define Point of View What you know to be true based on your individual identities
Define Pluralism To respect and value both what individuals have to say from their individual points of view and also what groups have to say from their collective perspective
Define Social A dimension of life that concerns societal and cultural institutions, such as individual, family, and community interactions, mass media, arts and entertainment, and trend in popular ideas and tastes
Define Political Dimension of life that concerns governments' interactions with individuals, groups, and other governments
Define Economic Dimension of life that concerns the production and exchange of goods, services, money, and resources
Define Transnational A corporation that operates in two or more countries also known as multinational corporations
Define Society A group of people who form an ordered community centered on kinship, an ideology, a religion, a language, or a particular world view
Define International Monetary Fund Agency of the United Nations established in 1944 in order to help world economy by encouraging countries to adopt sound policies affecting exchange rates and currency values. They promote trade
Define The World Bank Part of United Nations established in 1944 to fight poverty by promoting economic development
Define The World Trade Organization Established to promote free trade and to help reduce trade barriers (tariffs)
Define Outsourcing A firm that tries to reduce costs by locating production facilities and hiring workers for cheap (usually happens in foreign countries)
Define Traditions The customs of a family or culture
Define Global Village Technology leading to globalization. Everyone becoming more interconnected because of televisions, computers, etc.
Define Tsunami A large ocean wave caused by undersea earthquake or volcano
Define Democracy A political system in which the law applies equality to all people
Define Language Ones way of human communication
Define Pluralistic Society A society made up of many groups
Define Minority Group An ethic, linguistic, or religious group whose numbers are small compared of the dominant culture
Define Bilingualism More than one official language
Define Assimilation Absorption of a minority group by a dominant group
Define Marginalization When pushing a group to the "margin" of society, in which the group holds very little social, political, or economic power
Define Cultural Revitalization A process where unique cultures regain a sense of identity, such as promoting heritage languages or reviving traditions and customs
Define Universalization of Popular Culture Many people experiencing the same culture
Define Hybridization People using media and communications technology to create hybrid cultures and identities
Define Media Consolidation or Media Convergence Mergers resulted in a concentration of media ownership. Example HBO and Atlantic Music owned by Time Warner/AOL
Define Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and Societe Radio-Canada (SRC) CBC and SRC use radio, television, and internet to express Canadian perspectives. SRC in French and CBC in English
Define Aboriginal Multi-media Society (AMMSA) Canadian-based Aboriginal communications society that uses internet, radio, and print media to promote Aboriginal cultures
Define Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN) Reflects cultures, languages, and communities of diverse Aboriginal peoples across Canada
Define Canadian Radio and Television Commission (CRTC) Regulate and promote Canadian culture in the broadcast media
Define Canadian Audio Visual Certification Office (CAVCO) Points system to determine if broadcasts are CanCon
Define Homgenization Towards uniformity, as with popular culture as a result of globalization
Define Monoculture Uniform global popular culture that results from globalization
Define Accommodation An inclusive approach that allows religious or ethnic groups to maintain their distinctive cultures within mainstream society
Define Secularism Complete separation between matters of state and religion
Define Integration Incorporation of diverse minority groups into mainstream society
Define Urbanization Growth of towns and cities, as people migrate from rural areas in search of work and other opportunities
Define Metropolises Large cities
Define Cosmopolitian Reflecting many diverse cultures
Define Acculturation Change resulted because of contact with other cultural groups
Define Co-operatives Businesses owned jointly by their members, who share profits equally
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