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**Ballet Terms - 1**

Ballet 1 Vocabulary

Adage slow, sustained movement
À la quatrième derrière to the 4th back
À la quatrième devant to the 4th front
À la seconde to the 2nd
Allegro brisk, lively movement
Assemblé to assemble
Au Milieu center practice
Barre side practice
Battement Dégagé to disengage
Battement frappé to strike
Battement Tendu to stretch
Bras bas low arms
Chassé to chase
Cou de pied neck of the foot
Coupé to cut
Demi-plié half bend
Demi-seconde half 2nd
Échappé to escape
Elevé to elevate
En Diagonale traveling from corner to corner in a diagonal line
Étendre to stretch
Fondu to melt
Glissade to glide
Grand Allegro big and lively
Pas de Chat step of the cat
Petit Allegro quick, lively combinations of jumps to develop speed
Petit Battements small beats
Plier to bend
Port de Bras carriage of the arms
Relever to rise
Ronde de Jambe à Terre round of the leg on the ground
Sauté to jump from two feet
Soutenu sustained
Un One
Deux Two
Trois Three
Quatre Four
Cinq Five
Six Six
Sept Seven
Huit Eight
Neuf Nine
Dix Ten
Created by: 1537203725
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