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History Ch 14 people

Ralph Waldo Emerson was ESSAYIST and POET, he was a supporter of the transcendentalist- philosophy of SELF- RELIANCE
Margaret Fuller a journalist, critic, and WOMEN'S RIGHT ACTIVIST who was a member of the transcendentalist group of authors
Henry David Thoreau was a writer and transcendentalist philosopher, he STUDIED NATURE and published a magazine article, "CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE"
Nathaniel Hawthorne was an American WRITER who wrote THE SCARLETT LETTER
Herman Melville was a WRITER who based his stories off his own SAILING EXPERIENCES, he wrote, MOBY DICK
Edgar Allan Poe a writer who is famous for his HAUNTING POEM, THE RAVEN, and many more CHILLING OR ROMANTIC STORIES
Emily Dickinson was an American POET who lived a RECLUSIVE LIFE after her poems were not widely acclaimed until after her death
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow an AMERICAN POET know for "Paul Revere's ride", in TALES OF THE WAYSIDE INN & HIAWATHA
Walt Whitman was an AMERICAN POET , he gained recognition abroad and later at home for UNRHYMED WORKS OF POETRY
Charles Grandison Finney was an AMERICAN CLERGYMAN/ EDUCATOR who annoyed convention ministers with his long revivals
Lyman Beecher was an AMERICAN CLERGYMAN who disapproved on the style of PREACHING ON THE GREAT AWAKENING MINISTERS
Dorothea Dix helped change the PRISON SYSTEM nationwide by advocating the development of state hospitals
Horace Mann is considered "FATHER OF AMERICAN PUBLIC PUBLIC EDUCATION" who pushed for an education for all children
Catharine Beech An AMERICAN EDUCATOR who promoted education for women in such writings as , AN ESSAY ON THE EDUCATION OF FEMALE TEACHERS
Thomas Gallaudet studied techniques for INSTRUCTING THE HEARING IMPAIRED PEOPLE and establish the FIRST AFRICAN AMERICAN SCHOOL for the hearing impaired
Created by: SHS Sharks
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