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Odyssey Test

Who wrote the Odyssey? Homer
When was the Odyssey written? Around the 8th century B.C.
Why is Poseidon angry with Odysseus? Poseidon hates Odysseus for blinding his Cyclops son Polyphemus
Who takes is upon herself to help Odysseus come home? Athena
To whom does does Athena plead on his behalf? Her father Zeus
Where does Telemachus go and whom does he visit to find out about his father? He goes to Pylos and Sparta and visits Nestor and Menelaus.
What are the suitors doing at Odysseus' home? They are trying to win the hand of Penelope
What is their real motivation for being there? They want everything that Odysseus had - his wife, land and kingdom. They want to be king.
How does Odysseus bypass the Sirens? He has the crew put wax in their ears so they can't hear their singing.
Odysseus and his crew must choose between "a rock and a hard place." What does Circe tell them to do? Circe tells Odysseus to sacrifice 6 men to Scylla instead of losing his whole ship to Charbydis.
Does Odysseus follow Circe's advice? Yes, he lost 6 men instead of his whole ship and crew.
Why did Odysseus dig a pit and fill it with blood? He wanted to be able to talk to the dead.
Name 4 people who came to drink from the pit filled with blood. Achilles, Agamemnon, Tiresias and his mother Anticleia.
What did Odysseus learn about another Greek king that may have made him afraid to go home? Agamemnon's wife had an affair and killed him while he was in the bath.
How does Odysseus lose the last of his crew? They ate the sacred cattle on the island of Helios and are killed.
Who are the two that warned him about the cattle? Circe and Tiresias
What lesson should they have learned on the Cyclopes island? Not to be prideful
Who led the crew astray? Eurylochus
How do we learn the details of Odysseus' travels before he reached Calypso's island? Flashbacks
For home many years is Odysseus away from home? 20 years
Where are the years spent that Odysseus is away from home? 10 years for Trojan War, 7 years with Calypso, 1 year wandering, 1 year returning to Ithaca and 1 year with Circe
What does Odysseus say his name is to the Cyclops Polyphemus? Nobody/No Man
How does this benefit him (name given to Cyclops?) When is being attacked, he says that "Nobody is attacking me" so his friends ignored him.
List 4 of Odysseus' trials on his journey home. Rock and Hard Place, The Cyclops, The Sirens and the Cattle of the Sun God
How does he overcome each of them? Rock and Hard Place - lose 6 men at Scylla The Cyclops - stabs him in eye The Sirens - beeswax in ears Cattle of the Sun God - Zeus sends storm to kill men and he winds up on the Phaeocians island
How does Odysseus return to the shores of Ithaca? The Phaeocians help him sail there.
Who helps him and what happens to them because of their assistance? Poseidon sends an earthquake and turns the ship into stone.
How does Telemachus return from visiting Sparta and King Menelaus? Athena helps him get home by making the suitors fall asleep on their ship and he sails past
Does Telemachus have assistance in his return from visiting Sparta? Athena helps him get home by making the suitors fall asleep on their ship and he sails past
How does Telemachus find out that Odysseus his father has finally returned home? Odysseus shows telemachus himself at the swineherds house
Why does Odysseus keep his identify hidden from his wife when he first arrives home? He was seeing who was still faithful. Agamemnon warns him so he tests to see if she is faithful
Argus is Odysseus' dog. Describe him and how Odysseus meets him again. He is old now and lying on a pile of manure. When he sees Odysseus he wags his tail and then dies.
How does Odysseus gain entry into his own house? Telemachus allows him to beg at his palace
Odysseus must participate in a boxing match. Who does he fight and what happens? He fights Irus. He tries to hold back his punch but still breaks his jaw.
There are 2 main suitors described by Homer. Who are they and how do they treat Odysseus. Antinous and Eurymachus. They throw things at him and are rude.
How does a maidservant recognize Odysseus? Does she reveal his secret identity? The scar on his leg. No. He makes her promise to keep quiet.
What task does Penelope set up for the suitors in order that one may win her hand? Who accomplishes this task? Whoever can string Odysseus’s old bow and shoot an arrow through the twelve axes will win her hand. Odysseus is the only one who can do it.
Describe the preparations Odysseus makes for his battle against the suitors. Who sides with Odysseus? Who is spared and not killed? Telemachus hides the weapons, Euryclea keeps maids in a locked door, the swineherd and cowherd lock the doors to the hallways
Describe what happens to the unfaithful servants of Odysseus' house. They have to clean up the mess of dead bodies and then they are hung.
How does Penelope react to seeing her husband after 20 years? She is very cautious. She just sits there and doesn't say anything.
What secret does Odysseus know that proves he is Odysseus and convinces Penelope of his fact? That she cannot move the marriage bed as one post is a living tree.
When Hermes brings the suitors down to Hades, how do the heroes there react? They cried like babies.
How does Odysseus prove to his father that he is his son? Who is Odysseus' father? The memories of the fruit trees and the scar on his leg.
Why does Odysseus head out with his armor again after finally coming home and killing the suitors? Because the people of Ithaca are angry that they killed their sons and could harm Odysseus
How do the gods bring peace back to Ithaca? Zeus and Athena demand it. They have a party.
How many suitors were killed by Odysseus and his followers? 108
Created by: alsweethome
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