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Japanese Culture

Stack #33403

Japan's oldest form of poetry tanka
Smaller religious groups sects
To clear the mind and find inner peace meditation
What is beautiful handwriting calligraphy
The sport that involed combat and selfdefense martial arts
The new capital of Japan Heian
What is the code or honor called for the Samurai Bushido
Civil War between the Taria family and Minamoto family Gempei War
A holy place or place of worship shrine
The plan of government constitution
A warrior for a nobles private army Samurai
The belief that all natural things are alive and have their own spirit Animism
The business group formed by craftspeople and merchants guild
ture or false the nobles used samurai to protect their lands? ture
The commander of the emperor's military forces is called? Shogun
true or false the samurai became vassals of a daimyo? true
A group of families related by blood or marriage? clan
A powerful military lord who controlled small territories in Japan Daimyo
The subsitutes for emperor is called? regents
What isolated Japan from other Asian cultures and shaped its society? mountains and islands
Created by: hazle