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Important Vocabulary and Concepts about Cowboys and Cattle Trails

What are cattle? Cows
What were vaqueros? Mexican cowhands who were respected for their skills with herding cattle
What is a market? a situation in which people buy and sell goods (producers find buyers for their goods and consumers find goods to buy)
Why did cattle ranchers move their cattle to other places in the United States? They could get higher prices in other parts of the country (cattle sold for $4 each in Texas, but $40 each in other regions).
What is a railhead? a town where railroad tracks begin or end, cattle were loaded onto trains here
Where were cattle trails headed? to railheads
Describe the life of a cowhand during a cattle drive. Life was very hard, the work was dangerous, dirty, and sometimes boring. Cowhands spent 10-14 hours a day on horseback keeping about 3,000 cows together.
Why did cattle drives come to an end? Settlers put up barbed wire which blocked the trails. New railroads were built which were closer to the cattle ranches. The land was overgrazed so there was no longer enough grass for the cows. Winter weather killed thousands of cows.
What is barbed wire? twisted wire with sharp points every few inches, used for fences
Created by: betseykenn