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Blue Words 7-2

Blue words in 7-2

Mahayana >By the first century A.D., Buddhists had divided over new doctrines >Those who accepted the doctrines belonged to the Mahayana sect
Theravada >Those who held to the Buddha's stricter, original teachings belonged to the Theravana sect >also known as Hinayana
stupas >were paid for by wealthy Buddhist merchants who were eager to do good deeds >They are mounded stone structures built over holy relics
Brahma >one of the 3 most important gods in the hindu religion * >"creator of the world"
Vishnu >* >"preserver of the world" >Shiva +Vishnu were the two favorites of the people $
Shiva >* $ >"destroyer of the world"
Kalidasa >One of India's greatest writers >may have been the court poet for Chandra Gupta 2 most famous play = Shakuntala >plays are admired b/c they are skillfully written and emotionally stirring
Silk Roads >a vast network of caravan routes >known as the silk roads b/c traders used them to bring silk from China to Western Asia
Aryabhata >Indian who calculated pi to 4 decimal places and calculated the lenght of the solar year almost exactly >was part of an Indian mathematics system that was one of the best in the world
Bodhisattuas >look in morning
Created by: bdavia