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AICP Planng History2

Planning History from 1900 - 1919

When & where was the 1st National Convention of Planning 1909 in Washington, DC
What was the Inland Waterway Commission? Founder? Year? Federal commission to encourage multipurpose planning in waterway development: Navigation power, irragation, flood control, water supply. Pres Roosevelt in 1907.
What did the "White City" bring about? What is its significance? The Chicago Plan of 1909. It was the first long range comprehensive plan for the orderly development of an American City.
What was the "Antiquities Act of 1906" The 1st law to institute federal protection for preserving archealogical sites.
What was the "Public Lands Commission"? Who appointed it? Year? In 1903, the Public Lands Commission was appointed by Pres Theodore Roosevelt to propose rules for the orderly development & management of land.
When was the original Garden City constructed? Where? Letchworth, England, 1903
What is significant about the NY State Tenement House Law? Who led its passage? Year? It established the basis for the revision of NYV codes that outlawed tenements such as the "dumbell" style. Lawerence Veeler in 1901
What was the "NY Committee on Congestion of Population"? Who led it? Year? A committee established in NY to decentralize the population. Founded in 1907 by Benjamin Marsh.
What was the country's first local civil center plan? Year? Who developed it? In 1903 Daniel Burnham, John Carrere, and Arnold Brunner developed the first local civic center plan in Cleveland.
Where was the first town planning board created? Year? Harford, Ct in 1907
What was the first major city to apply the City Beautiful Principles? Year? Developer? San Francisco in 1906. The plans were developed by Daniel Burnham.
When was "Garden Cities of To-morrow" Published? Author? 1902 by Ebenezer Howard
What was the "US Reclamation Act" A 1902 federal legislation which allowed the proceeds of public land sales to be used to build water storage and irragation systems.
When was the National Park Service Established? What was its charge? The NPS was established in 1916 to conserve and preserve resources of special value.
What major transportation resource was completed in 1914? Why is it significant? The Panama Canal created a shipping channel between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
When was the "US Housing Corp & Emergency Fleet Corp" established? What did it do? Established in 1918 the US Housing Corp & Emergency Fleet Corp helped build housing for WWI workers. It influenced early public housing efforts.
What was the first major textbook on city planning? When was it written? "Carrying out the City Plan" written by Flavel Shurtleff" in 1914
What is the importance of the "Principle of Scientific Management"? Who wrote it? When? It spearheaded the effeciency movement in city government. It was written by Frederick Winslow Taylor in 1911.
What was the predecessor to the American Institute of Planners? Year was it established? 1st President? American City Planning Institute established in 1917 led by Frederick Law Olmstead, Jr.
What is the significance of the American City Planning Institute? It was the first professional organization of planners led by Frederick Law Olmstead,Jr..
Who passes the nation's 1st comprehensive zoning law? When? Who led the effort? NYC Board of Estimates in 1916 under the leadership of George McAneny & Edward Basset.
When was the first enabling legislation created? Where? 1909 in Wisconsin
What was the first city to use land use zoning to guide development? Year Los Angeles in 1909
What was the first city to hire a full time employee for the planning commission? Who did they hire? Year? Newark, NJ hired Harland Bartholomew in 1914
What city adoped the first comprehensive zoning code? Who wrote it? Year? New York City adopted the first comprehensive zoning code in 1916. It was written by Edward Bassett.
What was one of the pioneering books about regional planning? Year? "Cities in Evolution" by the Father of Regional Planning, Patrick Geddess, written in 1915.
What early book about planning was adopted for grade school classrooms? Year? "Wacker's Manual of the Plan of Chicago" written by Water Moody in 1914.
What early planning book was written by Nelson Lewis? Year? "Planning of a Modern City" in 1916
Created by: kathie_we
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