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History 5.2

Right of Citizenship

abridge to deprive someone of something
breach to break; to open; to disturb
conspiratorial having to do with planning to do something wrong
curricula the course or program of studies
ecclesiastical associated with church or the clergy
emergent coming into being; arises or results
endow to provide with some ability or quality
essence the characteristics and qualities of something that make it what it is
immunity the freedom or protection from something
incident an event or happening related to something else
indictment a formal written accusation
infringement to go against or to violate something
indigent being poor or needy
integrity honesty or sincerity; wholeness or completeness
levy to begin to do something; to wage
lewd something that is not decent
libelous some written or published material that contains statements that could harm the reputation of someone
militia a band or army of citizens who are not regular soldiers but are formed for the protection of their country
minor being under the legal age of responsibility
monopoly a total control over someone or something
nullify to make of no effect; to cancel
penal associated with punishment
peonage forcing someone to work off a debt
petit small
presentment a statement of an offense made by a grand jury
profane having a contempt or disregard for God or holy things
proximity closeness or nearness
redress to make right or repair something
repressionist to retain or suppress
retroactively having an effect on something that has already occurred
self-incrimination to put oneself into a guilty position through a personal testimony
temper to check, restrain, or curb something
unalienable things that cannot be taken away or given away
writ a formal written order
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