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Key Terms List

Renaissance Vocabulary

Humanisim Intelectual movement that occured at the heart of the Renaissance.
Patron Financial supporter of the arts
Realism Gives paintings the effect that it is really occuring, through various painting techniques.
Reformation During the 16th century when some people began to break away from the Roman Catholic Church. As a result the Protestant Church came to be formed.
Protestant The name for the people who "protested" the authority of the Catholic Church.
Renaissance Man A individual that was talented and well rounded.
Indulgences Sold by the clergy, and through the purchase of it it was belived that the person's sould would spend less time in the purgatory.
Renaissance A prosperous time in which change took place in various catagories that included culture, politics, social life, and the economy.
Vernacular Language that is native to the region
Excommunicated A harsh punishment that the Catholic Church gives to a person that has comitted a serious sin that goes against the Catholic Church's morals. The person is unable to take part in the sacremental life of the Church.
Inquisition A court that is set up to investigate a case.
Heretic A person that is part of the Catholic Church and later on begins to state their opinion that goes against the Church's point of view.
Anti-Semitism To discriminate the Jews for one reason or another.
Created by: Miriam Lopez