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exam essay 1/6/10


Pull factors Any reasons that attract immigrants to the US (ex. jobs, better life, religious and political freedom, etc)
Push factors Reasons why people leave their country (ex. war, opression, persecution, famine, etc.)
"old" immigrants (1820s-1880s) Northern and western Europe ( great Britain ( wales, Scotland), Germany, Ireland), holland, Sweden) 82% came from northern and western Europe
Factors (advantages for old immigrants): 1.similar institutions, ideology, + religion made easier to assimilate + adapt to the US, 2. well-educated + skilled workers with the knowledge to succeed + benefit society and the country, 3. were able to move out west to settle the "open frontier"
WASP White Anglo-Saxon Protestant
Homestead Acts the government gave away 160 acres of free land for people to farm
New Immigrants (1890s-1920s) Southern and Eastern Europe (Italy, Russia, Poland, Greece, Austria-Hungary, Jews)
Dangerous ideologies that were a serious threat to our institutions, government, and country. 1. socialism, 2. anarchism, 3. communism
disadvantages for new immigrants 1. diff. religions, strange cultures, and lack of education made it difficult to succeed + assimilate. 2. poverty + closed frontier prevented them from moving west
American Protective Association natavists who wanted the gov. to limit the number of immigrants coming to the US
Literacy Test to enter the US, an immigrant had to read 40 words in any language
Quota Laws each country was given a specific number of immigrants allowed into the country each year
Ellis Island (1892-1954) place where immigrants were processed (examined) to determine if they were allowed to enter the US
Annie Moore first of 16 million people to emmigrate to America
steerage bottom of the boat; passenger ship; reserved for those paying the cheapest fare with terrible accomodations. Average was $30.00. 90% of immigrants were in steerage.
what percent of immigrants made it to the US? 80%
Symbols for Trachoma, Heart Conditions, Retarded, and Pregnant T, A, X, PG
Symbols for foot, back, eyes, and scalp. Ft, B, E, Sc
Symbols for neck and hernia N and K
ghetto area of a city where people of the same nationality or race live together (ethnic neighborhood)
tenements apartment buildings where immigrants lived together in crowded, dirty conditions
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