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United Farm Workers organization of migrant workers formed to win better wages and working conditions led by Cesar Chevez
migrant worker a person who moves from place to place to find work
Cesar Chavez 1927-1993. Farm worker, labor leader, and civil-rights activist who helped form the National Farm Workers Association, later the United Farm Workers.
Dolores Huerta taught farmworkers how to become citizens and how to vote; earned more money to buy food and clothing for them; worked with Cesar Chavez to form the National Farm Workers Association
UFW Protest against Pesticides The UFW was outraged to hear about the use of illegal pesticides, and Chavez decided to fast for 36 days to protest the dangers pesticides had on farm workers and their community.
Delano Grape Strike Workers stopped picking grapes, encouraged people around the country to boycott table grapes. 1965-1970. Gave farmworkers union recognition
California Labor Relations Act of 1975 The California Agricultural Labor Relations Act is a landmark statute in United States labor law that was enacted by the state of California in 1975, establishing the right to collective bargaining for farmworkers in that state, a first in U.S. history.
340 Miles March That day, 75 Latino and Filipino grape workers led by Cesar Chavez took off on the 340-mile march. They were greeted at the Capitol 25 days later by 10,000 people in support of their plight.
American Indian Movement led by Dennis Banks and Russell Means; purpose was to obtain equal rights for Native Americans; protested at the site of the Wounded Knee massacre
Indians of All Tribes Group of Red Power activists that abandoned federal prison if Alcatraz Island on San Francisco Bay; received national news coverage; 150 American Indians joined
Alcatraz Takeover 19 month-long occupation Created pan-Indian unity Launched many other protest actions
The Longest Walk trans-national demonstration for native American rights in 1978, reminded many participants of the trail of tears, the forced walk which removed tribes from the southeastern united states to Indian Territory in Oklahoma in 1838.
Trail of Broken Treaties AIM staged an occupation of the Bureau of Indian Affairs in D.C. to emphasize treaty violation. Native Americans marching for their rights 1) Alcatraz 1969 2) Washington 1972.
Native American Boarding Schools They were known as Indian Residential Schools, were established in the United States during the late 19th and mid 20th centuries with a primary objective of assimilating Native American children and youth into Euro-American culture
Assimilation interpreting our new experiences in terms of our existing schemas
Mount Rushmore Protests (both 2020 and 1970s) Native American groups are protesting President Trump's Fourth of July celebration at Mount ... In 1970, a group of Native American activists scaled Mount Rushmore and occupied it for ... This segment aired on July 3, 2020.
Created by: JDizz
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