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KS Ch 3 Vocab/Explor

KS Ch 3 Vocab/Explorers

Assimilate to absorb(immigrants or a culturally distinct group) into the prevailing culture.
Eminent Domain the right of a government to use private property for public use.
Manifest Destiny the idea that America was meant to expand from coast to coast and was blessed by a higher power.
New World the term Europeans used for North America in the early days of their exploration.
Ration a little bit of something divided among many people.
Reservation a piece of land set aside by the US government for Native Americans to live on.
Sovereign Right authority based on the power of government.
Fransisco Vasquez de Coronado Spanish explorer came in search of gold.
Quivira Legendary city with lots of silver and gold.
Louisiana Purchase The US bought a large amount of land from the French, doubling the size of the United States.
Lewis & Clark Commissioned by the president to explore the Louisiana Purchase.
Zebulon Pike First to explore across Kansas area, names mountain in CO after himself.
Stephen Long Publishes atlas with state boundaries and territories; calls Kansas a "great desert".
Indian Removal Act A law passed in 1830 that gave President Andrew Jackson the power to remove and relocate Native American tribes that lived east of the Mississippi River west of the river, namely to reservations in present-day Kansas and Oklahoma.
French Explorers Priority was to establish friendly relations with tribes and trade furs.
Spanish Explorers Priority was to locate gold and other natural resources.
American Explorers Priority was to explore new lands.
Louisiana Territory Bought from the French, more than doubled the size of the US at the time.
Oregon - California Trail Used to move families to new homes in the west, travel typically took 4-6 months.
Santa Fe Trail An important trade route for moving freight.
Mission Schools Purpose was to change the culture of Native American children, converting them to Christianity and teaching them vocational (work) skills.
William Becknell Credited with blazing the Santa Fe Trail.
Why did early explorers come to Kansas? To spread their religion(s), discover new trade routes, in search of gold/silver, new knowledge, to claim new lands.
How did the name "Great Desert" given to Kansas impact Native American relocation? It led the US government to think Kansas would be a difficult place for Americans to settle, but a good place to relocate Native American tribes.
Created by: WeberAE