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LA History Mid

Weather the current condition of the atmosphere on any given day
Environment surroundings
Tornado a dark funnel-shaped cloud with swirling winds that can measure over two hundred miles an hour
Sediment material that settles to the bottom of a liquid
Equator an imaginary line on the Earth's surface that is everywhere equally distant from the North and South Poles
Bayou a waterway that ranges in size from short and shallow to long and navigable
Landform any natural feature of Earth's surface
Marsh the transition area between land and water
Climate the average weather of an area over a long period of time, say twenty-five to fifty years
Precipitation any form of water, liquid or solid, that falls from the atmosphere and reaches the ground
Latitude (also called parallel) measures a location's distance north or south of the equator
Longitude (also called a meridian) measures how far east or west a location is from an initial line that runs from North Pole to South Pole
Central What time zone is Louisiana located in?
Mississippi River Is the border of Louisiana formed by the Mississippi River or the Pearl River longer?
Southern Is most of the Terraces region located in the northern or southern part of the state?
Creek Does the Choctaw Indian term bayou mean creek or waterfall?
Climate Does the term weather or climate refer to the average conditions over a long period of time?
Counterclockwise Does a hurricane (with a wind speed in excess of 73 miles an hour) have winds that move clockwise or counterclockwise?
40% Is Louisiana home to about 30% or 40% of the nation's wetlands?
Nutria Which rodent was introduced to Louisiana in the 1930s?
Northern Is most of the Hills region located in the northern or southern part of the state?
Below Is the elevation of New Orleans 8 feet above sea level or 8 feet below sea level?
Tangipahoa Which river flows into Lake Ponchatrain?
Protestants Was North Louisiana settled by Catholics or Protestants?
Outdoor Recreation Is the Sportsman's Paradise region known for its tourism or outdoor recreation?
Alexandria Is the Crossroads' largest city Alexandria or Baton Rouge?
Fishing Did early economic activity in the Cajun Country wetlands areas center upon farming or fishing?
Sugar Did the Plantation Country grow sugar or tobacco?
Cultural Diffusion Which term refers to the blending of new customs with older ideas and practices to form new cultural expressions?
Tourism Is one of the most important economic activities in the Greater New Orleans region agriculture or tourism?
English Did the English or Spanish expel the Acadians from Acadie?
Creole Which term refers to anyone born in Louisiana whose ancestors were form some other place?
St. Bernard Did the immigrants from the Canary Islands eventually settle in St. Bernard or St. John Parish?
Italian Do a large group of Italian or Spanish descendants live in Independence in Tangipahoa Parish?
Crawfish Are crawfish or shrimp called "mudbugs"?
Blues Was country or blues music sung by sharecroppers as they worked in the fields?
New Orleans Were Antoine "Fats" Domino and Louis Armstrong born in New Orleans or Lafayette?
Fat Tuesday Does the French term Mardi Gras mean "Fat Tuesday" or "Wild Wednesday"?
Economy Which term refers to how people manage material resources in a community or other organized body?
Services Would the work activities that people perform for a fee be considered a good or a service?
Second Does Louisiana rank first or second in the US in the production of petrochemicals?
Pine While cypress is the official state tree, the major tree species harvested in the state is oak or pine?
Baton Rouge & New Orleans Two of the nation's top five deepwater ports are at New Orleans and Baton Rouge or Lake Charles?
Alligators In 1962, Louisiana outlawed the hunting of alligators or deer for a full decade?
Natural, Human, & Capital What are the tree types of resources needed to produce goods and services?
Shrimp Which species of seafood(crab or shrimp) yields the largest annual harvest in Louisiana?
Natural Gas Are oil or natural gas deposits greater in Louisiana?
Constitution a document that explains a government's purpose, describes its organization, and states its powers
Political Party an organization of people who come together because they have similar ideas about how government should operate
Common Law a system that uses earlier decisions-called precedents- as guidelines
Home Rule the power given to political subdivisions to govern their own affairs
Federalism a division of power between the federal and state governments
Propoganda information spread widely to promote or discourage a particular proposal or political point of iew
Parish a primary local government division
Police Jury the governing body of most parishes
Felony a category of serious crimes
Misdemeanor a category of less serious crimes
Right Right or Responsibility Worshipping and practicing your faith based on your beliefs
responsibility Right or Responsibility Serving on a jury when summoned by the court
artifacts Our understanding of the first people in Louisiana is based on artifacts or written records?
Created by: hcorsentino



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