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Hungry for History 3

Level 3 Cards

1. European countries, including England, were in competition to increase their _________ and __________ by expanding their empires into North America. wealth and power
2. Jamestown was primarily an ________ venture. economic
3. What did England hope to find in America? silver and gold
4. An American settlement would furnish ________ ________ that could not be grown or obtained in England, while opening new markets for trade. raw materials
5. Who financed the settlement of Jamestown? The stockholders of the Virginia Company of London
6. The settlers were instructed to go __________ to find a suitable place for their colony. inland
7. What became the first permanent English settlement in North America in 1607? Jamestown
8. What influenced the decision to settle at Jamestown? location and physical characteristics
9. When the settlers arrived in 1607, they founded Jamestown on a narrow peninsula bordered on three sides by the ________ River. James River
10. Today, Jamestown is located on an ________ in the James River. island
11. One of the reasons Jamestown was chosen for settlement was the location could be easily defended from attack by the ________. sea (Spanish)
12. Another reason Jamestown was chosen for settlement was the water along the shore was deep enough for ________ to ________. ships to dock
13. Another reason Jamestown was chosen for the settlement was they believed the site had a good supply of fresh ________ water
14. The King of England granted charters to the ________ ________ of ________ Virginia Company of London
15. The charters from the King gave the Virginia Company the right to establish a ________ in North America. settlement
16. The charters extended ________ ________ to the settlers. English rights
17. The King of England had the power to grant ________ allowing settlement in North America. charters
18. As Jamestown grew, its system of ________ evolved. government
19. The governor of Virginia called a meeting of the first General Assembly in which year? 1619
20. What did they call citizen representatives sent to the first General Assembly? burgesses
21. By the 1640’s, the burgesses became a separate legislative body called the ________ of ________. House of Burgesses
22. Who had the right to take part in the General Assembly in 1619? certain free adult men
23. Which assembly in 1619 included two representatives from each of the divisions of Virginia along with, the governor’s council, and the governor? They met as one legislative body. The first General Assembly
24. The ________ of ________ met separately from the Governor’s Council as one of the two legislative bodies of the General Assembly. House of Burgesses
25. What legislative body gave the settlers the opportunity to control their own government? House of Burgesses
26. The current Virginia General Assembly dates back to ________ with the establishment of the General Assembly and its burgesses in Jamestown. 1619
27. What legislative body gave the settlers the opportunity to control their own government? House of Burgesses
28. Jamestown became a more diverse colony by what year? 1620
29. ________ sailors captured African men and women from present-day Angola. Portuguese
30. It is unknown if these early African men and women were ________ or ________ in Virginia. servants or enslaved persons
31. Who arrived in Jamestown against their will in 1619? Africans
32. The arrival of Africans made it possible to expand which economy? tobacco
33. In what year did additional women arrive in Jamestown? 1620
34. Name 2 things that impacted the Jamestown settlement with the arrival of additional women. 1. Settlers could establish families 2. Jamestown became a permanent settlement
35. Name 3 reasons why the settlers chose the site at Jamestown. 1. They thought they had a good supply of fresh water. 2. The water along the shore was deep enough for ships to dock. 3. The location could be easily defended from attack by the sea (Spanish).
36. The English settlers found life in Jamestown ________ than they had expected. harder
37. The site they chose to live on was ________ and lacked safe ________ ________. marshy, drinking water
38. The settlers lacked some skills so they could not ________ for themselves. provide
39. Many settlers died of ________ and ________. starvation and disease
Created by: Mawampler
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