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Quiz 2 History 2020

The ________________ were the ancient civilization located on the Yucatan Peninsula that were the first to use the concept of zero. Maya
The _________________ document was an agreement to allow majority rules and was signed by the Pilgrims on their boats before landing to begin the Massachusetts colony. Mayflower Compact
______________ was the Spanish conquistador who conquered the Aztec in their capital city of Tenochtitlan located in the Valley of Mexico. Cortez
The _______________________ came for land and religious freedom settling on the Atlantic Coast and removing the Natives from their homes. English
La Salle explored the Mississippi River claiming all land that touches the water that flows into it for the country of ________________________ and the land became the Louisiana Territory. France
The _______________________ came for gold, enslaved the Natives to work in gold mines, and claimed most of the land south of the present day United States. Spanish
Canada is a ____________________ nation because it has two official languages and most people speak both French and English. bilingual
______________________ sailed for Spain in 1492 to claim land and began the Age of Exploration. Columbus
After the French and Indian War, the ________________________________ in 1774 allowed the people in New France (Quebec) to preserve their French culture including their language, religion, and customs under British rule. Quebec Act
The ____________ were the ancient civilization located in South America in the steep Andes Mountains who built the city of Machu Picchu. Inca
The countries of France and _______________________ were in conflict in Canada for many years until one won all the land during the French and Indian War. England
The colonists fought the ______________________ War to gain independence from the British. American Revolutionary
The ________________________ began in the late 1400s and early 1500s to find an all water route to Asia because trade on the Silk Road was dangerous due to thieves and merchants could not carry many goods. Age of Exploration
___________________ was the criollo priest in Dolores who rang the Church bells and gathered people to fight for Mexico’s Independence from Spain. Hidalgo
_____________________ is known as the Father of New France because in 1608 he brought a group of settlers from France to start the permanent settlement of Quebec City. Champlain
___________________ was the South American leader from Venezuela known as the Liberator because he lead the fight for Independence in the North. Bolivar
The ______________ were the ancient civilization whose capital city was Tenochtitlan where they build floating gardens called chinampas. Aztec
Created by: 1614943532
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