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Stack #33054

What is a Savanna? A region of grasslands containing scattered trees and vegetation.
What is a Sanel? A strip of dry grasslands on the southern border of the sahara.
What is a Delta? A traingle-shaped land form of mud and still deposited a rivers mouth.
What are the Deserts of Africa? The deserts of Africa are The Sahara and kalahari.
Is most of Africa a Plateau? Yes most of africa is a Plateau.
What is a Plateau? A Plateau is a area of high land.
What are the rivers of Africa? The rivers are the Nile and Niger
What are Rivers? Lager bodies of water
How were Africa valleys formed? The plateau went down
What are the Features of Africa? The fetures are rainforest,savannas,deltas,and plateau's
What did the berbers do? they traded with west Africa.
What didd Ghana do? Made people pay taxes just to go trhough there.
Who seized Ghana? Sundiata Keita
Who is Mansa Musa? The last strong leader of Mali.
Who took over the slt mines? Sunni Ali
How did Ghana fall? Constant wars with the north Africans.
What was the frist largest empire to rise from trade? Ghana
After who's death did the berbers begin to overun the kingdom? Mansa Musa
when did the Bantu people settle in Africa? By a.d 40
Who won control of Timbuktu? Sundiata Ketia
Created by: fubber