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Unit 1 Flashcards

European Exploration and Colonization

What were the reasons for exploration? (the reasons Europeans explored the New World) Wealth, Religion, to expand empires, claim territory (GGG-God, Gold and Glory)
What were the reasons Spain came to the New World? To claim land and to convert Native Americans
What was the reason the French came to the New World? FUR trading
What was the ECONOMY based on in the New England region? (what did the North region do to make MONEY) Fishing, lumbering, shipbuilding, whaling, harbors
What was the ECONOMY based on in the Middle region? growing grains, known as the "breadbasket" region
What was the ECONOMY based on in the Southern region? Plantation system, cash crops such as cotton and tobacco,, agriculture
Describe the Geography in the New England region. Rocky soil, cold climate, dense forests (lots of trees)
Describe the GEOGRAPHY in the Middle region. mild climate (not too hot and not too cold), good soil to farm grains
Describe the GEOGRAPHY in the Southern region. Long and hot summers, abundant land (a lot of land), VERY fertile soil (very good soil to grow cash crops)
What happened in the year 1607? Jamestown was founded (first colony in the New world)
What happened in the year 1620? Mayflower Compact was signed by the Pilgrims and was the first example of self-government in the colonies.
The Quakers were the first ________________. abolitionists (anti-slavery group)
Who established Maryland and why? Lord Baltimore established Maryland as a refuge for Catholics
Who established Georgia and why? James Oglethorpe established Georgia as a refuge for debtors.
What is Mercantilism? British controlled colonial trade and this angered the colonists
Who established Rhode Island and why? Roger Williams with the help of Anne Hutchinson for religious tolerance and to separate church and state.
Who established Pennsylvania and why? William PENN established PENNsylvania for QUAKERS to practice whatever religion (religious tolerance)
Who established Connecticut ? What did he create? Thomas Hooker. He created the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut #firstconstitution
Created by: diana.dejesus
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